We forcefully moved to the new server and upgraded to Dragonfly CMS v10.
Please keep in mind we are working hard to get everything up and running, so please be patient.
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1  Why are the error pages not theme-based?
    Preview: Our new function cpg_error is called when an error (regular [b]and[/b] database) occurs, displaying the error and it's details. ...
2  Where can I find cpg_page.php?
    Preview: The file is located in the includes folder on your server. Two functions exist in this file: cpg_header() and cpg_footer() which a ...
3  So how can I modify cpg_page.php?
    Preview: Open it with a text editor and change how you want to display your error page by editing the content. By default, cpg_page.php ...
4  What is error.php?
    Preview: We use this for handling various HTTP errors, and is activated through .htaccess. You can easily change this file any way you l ...
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