We forcefully moved to the new server and upgraded to Dragonfly CMS v10.
Please keep in mind we are working hard to get everything up and running, so please be patient.
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1  Add New Content to the Waiting Content Block
    Preview: We believe in making things easier to do in CPG Dragonfly CMS, and this is one of those things we've simplified. Simply familia ...
2  Change Installation Locations
    Preview: [b]Changing from [color=green]Root to a Sub-directory[/color][/b] admin.php?op=settings Site Domain: site.com Site Path: /folde ...
3  Delete the default theme?
    Preview: No, you can't. The new theme template system using the "default" theme if there are any templates or files missing from your cu ...
4  Find files that contain 'something' i need to edit?
    Preview: Before you ask us for the 1000th time which file, please get familiar with Windows incredible search functionality. - In Window ...
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