We forcefully moved to the new server and upgraded to Dragonfly CMS v10.
Please keep in mind we are working hard to get everything up and running, so please be patient.
Read/reply for issues in this forum topic /

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14: v10 Developer's manual

This wiki section will contain more and more details as the code evolves.

If you can't find what you are looking for, it is probably because one of the following reasons:
- it is still the same as v9, try v9 Developer's Manual
- it is not stable enough to provide durable guidelines
- no one had the time, yet
registered user gains the necessary privileges to create new content or submit changes for approval

Ban or protect an IP

Dragonfly CMS now support IPv4 and IPv6 CIDRs.
To remotely protect or block an IP from your module you will need to use the following: <?php
# ip_s: "ip start", support IPv4, IPv6, IPv4/CIDR and IPv6/CIDR
# ip_e: "ip end", if you don't use ip_s/CIDR but still want to add an ip range
# type: 0 blocked (default), 8 protected.

# ban -

# ban -

# shield -
The produced data will be automatically filled in the "IP's" section, press submit to save changes.

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