We forcefully moved to the new server and upgraded to Dragonfly CMS v10.
Please keep in mind we are working hard to get everything up and running, so please be patient.
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Historical background of the Project

Welcome to Dragonfly's History

If you want to know how and why this amazing Content Management System has become what it is today, then please read on.
The history is split into several pages so you don't have go thru everything if you only want a special part of it. Therefore on this page we provide you some descriptions for each section.

1. Caterpillar Maze

A long description why maze started this project, and this goes a long way back so if you care to read a huge story then go ahead.

2. Milestones

A timeline of our history, from the very beginning.

3. From Rags to...

Akamu's story of the start of the project

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