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Category VariousOld ModulesCommunity
Submitted by mc__
Author's Name mc
Compatibility df9
License GNU GPL V3
Published Thu Jul 21, 2005 1:41 pm
Sun Aug 05, 2007 12:08 am

New rewritten module outperforms the old one and has much better stability.

This is an auto-updating chat module that is very easily themed.

This updates like in an irc room. Even the block uses the template system so it can be modded and themed quite easily.

Major rewrite, everything is different, in fact you can install this along side the old version.

Choose AboveChat2019 in the downloads section for this new version, the other ones are the last release of clearchat which should be considered deprecated.

Member reviews

Review #297: Good eh...
by billf on

It is a great idea, but as another reviewer said, it is pretty buggy, especially graphically.

I also don't appricite the default message it gives IE users.

Besides changing the message to IE users, I also went in and changed the refresh value of the inactive refresh rate (on the block) from a default of 120 seconds to NULL. I had been getting a lot of complaints from people that were getting messages from their firewall every time it tried to auto-refresh.

Finally: I HATE the word censor and I haven't been able to figure out how to disable it. I run a very liberal forum where we try to stay away from censorship whenever possible. The word censor is really frustrating me.

Review #205: Rubbish Still Needs Work!
by david552211 on

It has bugs.
1. When it refreshes itself, sometimes the page goes blank.
2. The avatars don't show up correctly next to the user name.

I checked the authors site as well as a couple other sites using this and they all have the same problems. Look for yourself before downloading.

If the author can't get it working right on there own site, do you think you will on yours?


Review #179: Rubbish Great Module
by RECON on

Super! This Version hav already Admin CP Button functions!
Work fine. Very Happy
I like it very much!



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