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Category BlocksForums
Submitted by trekie8472
Author's Name
chatserv, dvsDave, Sean Fahey (trekie8472)
Homepage tome.trekie8472.net
Compatibility 9.0.x
License GPL
Wed Sep 13, 2006 1:42 am

This is a modification to a top posters block for phpnuke, originally created by chatserv, and edited by dvsDave.
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Downloads 185
Page views 3473

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· Added: Security sessions management Bugfix: infinite loop in $leochanged check
· Bugfix: Poodle\Mail\SMTP failed sending Bugfix: Security system undefined data B
· Added: Poodle\HTTP\URLInfo Bugfix: Poodle\HTTP\Request headers parsing and body
· Bugfix: \Poodle::getKernel()->IDENTITY can be undefined in debugger Change: spli
· Changed another L10N->get() to L10N->dbget() for CFG->global->slogan and CFG->gl
· Changed L10N->get() to L10N->dbget() for CFG->global->slogan and CFG->global->si
· Improved L10N admin
· Update version due to L10N changes
· Bugfix: L10N date parsing Added: L10N dbget() check v9 constants
· Merge


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