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Sorry if I've committed cvs changes without leaving any comments in cvs and so for cvs mailing list as well. adds few settings to the security settings: delay, duration time and auto unban.

Delay defaults to Tight (1) and the other possible value is "Loose" (2).
The delay use the following formula: (hits+delay)*2 = number of seconds before the first warning etc etc ...

Duration time defaults to 24 Hours, possible other values are 15 minutes, 1 Hour, 12 Hours.

Auto Unban defaults to "Yes" which will automagically clear the visitor ban at his next visit (if the duration time is expired).
If set to "No" then site admin must clear bans at the old way.

Off course few bug fixes and XHTML 1.1 progresses.

Have fun using DragonflyCMS.

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When are you upgrading to the next version? Good to hear about such changes.

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