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2.2: Credits Parent
A list of all those folks that have contributed their time and effort to the project

Project Managers



Forum Administrators

Security Team


Design Team


Beta Testers


Please help translate
  • Afrikaans: shaun
  • Albanian: AlbaMind, Besnik Cerekja, katops
  • Arabic: hadi00
  • Basque:
  • Bosanski: Nino Uzelac, Vedran
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Bill, Carlos, Francisco César Manhães, Harris404, luizj, resistance
  • Bulgarian: Stefan Ilivanov, Lyubo, ep98
  • Castellano: Mich, zeto gaizka, inceptor, Kristian Castruita
  • Catalan: Joan, Marisa Coll
  • Chinese Simplified: delin, wenzhou001
  • Chinese Traditional: wi777, which, xiaotian532, Tripedal Cat
  • Czech: cyberham, Honza Uher, Libor Soucek, Ondrej Skapa
  • Danish: Bo Madsen, lexsus
  • Dutch: DJMaze, KokkieBlanda, Lars, electricbird, alva
  • English: CPG-Nuke Dev Team
  • Estonian: homeros, Madis
  • Farsi: alireza arabiyan, عليرضا عربيان (likable6)
  • Finnish: suster
  • French: gamer008, jean-luc, JeanClaude, patrick, snenphen, tour93, Klesk
  • Galego:
  • German: axel, bee, Ertan, fetzo, oliverm, webmastermind, zungerl
  • Greek: gaby, masterbeta
  • Hebrew: Rami
  • Hungarian: Dr_A_Cula, RoliSoft, Molnár Jenő, apacs
  • Icelandic: Sigurður Smárason
  • Indonesian: sengsara
  • Italian: eolica, Lanfranco, massenzio, NanoCaiordo, Massimiliano Losego
  • Japanese: katops
  • Korean: cholong, ezhack
  • Kurdish:
  • Latvian: Edgars Lazdins
  • Lithuanian: Gediminas, Justas
  • Macedonian:
  • Malaysian: Hazran
  • Norwegian: Pitcher
  • Polish: andrzej, bogdani
  • Portuguese: Sharkboy, tonyjazz
  • Romanian: Aikon, roRisc, Rancov Nicolae
  • Russian: c4actbe, dISmAG, moT, Thorn, Twotl, SV_Foster
  • Serbian: nesh
  • Slovak: Tibor Turca
  • Slovenian: e-pajek, senzacionale, wangmo
  • Spanish: inceptor, Javier (fesja), Kristian Castruita, Zeto Gaizka, Tantoril
  • Swahili:
  • Swedish - Svensk: Andreas, David Kleppens, Magnus, Mikael, PerM, Per Malmberg, David Garcia, Kieeps
  • Thai: tim, coolcatz
  • Turkish: cumali, faik, osmanertas
  • Uighur: Muhemmed Erdem, abdireyim
  • Ukrainian:
  • Vietnamese: Phạm Th� nh Long

Code Snippets and Integrated mods

Retired Staff

  • Śyama_Dāsa; Project Manager, developer
  • Trevor; developer
  • protoplasm; documentor
  • SCROFT; debugger/documentor
  • xengoreth; documentor
  • Biggles; debugger
  • ians; debugger
  • LoonyLuke; debugger
  • MC_; debugger
  • NEMINI; forum admin/debugger
  • run0; debugger
  • WebSiteGuru; debugger
  • alexm; developer
  • Brennor; assistant coder
  • Kuragari; assistant coder
  • Rayvenhaus; assistant coder
  • safecracker4hire; assistant coder
  • Kristin; designer/forum admin
  • 64bitguy; debugger
  • bigern75; debugger/forum admin
  • blumie607; debugger/forum admin
  • ChinaBrit; debugger
  • dcorwin; forum admin
  • Jamin; theme designer
  • kegobeer; admin/developer
  • Mystic; documentor
  • Paris; admin/multimedia architect
  • PerM; forum admin
  • xXxtreme; theme designer
  • Stephen; debugger
  • Saint Peter; debugger
  • alva; forum admin
  • Tuta; documentor
  • Dizfunkshunal; documentor
  • xfsunoles; beta tester



Bob Marion
for providing PHP-Nuke security fixes
Brian Monnone
for the Dragonfly logo
for providing PHP-Nuke security fixes
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Grégory Demar, Coppermine creator; Coppermine Dev Team for continued work
for menu graphics
Our Members
for their support and feedback
for the original 8.x Downloads module
for Dragonfly multimedia
PHP-Nuke 6.5
© 2002 by Francisco Burzi
for the PHP/SMTP mailing system
for providing PHP-Nuke security fixes
for help with speeding up CPG-Nuke's mainfile.php
© 2000 by David Norman
for obtaining a sponsored server for us through DedicatedNOW

phpBB Dev Team
Lanser for some speed upgrades
Acyd Burn for the base of "attachment system"
Smartor for the base of "quick reply"
Rondom for the base of "PM quick reply"
Svyatozar for the base of "print topic"
Fubonis for the [PHP] bbcode
Ptirhiik for the "topic merge"
blakjack for the "topic icon"

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