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If you are gifted with the ability to speak more than one language, and you'd like to apply your talent on a support site dedicated to helping those folks who speak your language, we'd be glad to help you.

Currently, we have these sites to offer:

To become an official community site owner, we ask that you:
  • run the latest stable, bug-fixed version of Dragonfly, in your language and English.
  • focus primarily on Dragonfly. You may sell your themes, modules and such, but Dragonfly must be your focus.
  • create a list of support subjects like those found in our forums, but for and in your language. Forums should be readable by all visitors, but you may require free membership to post.
  • offer any free modules to both your visitors and ours (if you create a free download, send it to us so that we can add it to our downloads as well).
  • do not sell official Dragonfly distributions or require membership in order to download.
  • mirror our community block on your site.
Please keep in mind:
  • use our Dragonfly CMS Community forums to introduce your site.
  • we will announce your site after a deep review, wait for our go ahead.
  • the translation of your language must be complete and returned to us before approval.
  • you must not modify the official Dragonfly package. However, you can change the included language files and add new themes.
  • if you discover a new bug or bug fix, please post it in our forums.
These rules may change from time to time, so please check this page for updates.

Updated: Monday, January 24, 2011 (23:16:00) by Eestlane
Created:  Sunday, February 06, 2005 (03:51:21) by Trevor

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