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This is a web interface to the Dragonfly CMS CVS tree. You can browse the file hierarchy by picking directories. If you pick a file, you will see the revision history for that file.
Selecting a revision number will show that revision of the file. There are links at each revision to display diffs, annotate and download.
Note: Info about CVS and our commits can be found at our CVS Info Forum
FileRev.AgeSizeAuthorLine+Line-Last log entry
admin Contains all files to administer the CMS
blocks Container to store all side/center blocks
cache Folder to store all cached files & settings
images Folder which contains all globaly used images
includes Holds all global needed files, functions and classes
install Files needed to run the installer properly
language Main language files
modules The actual modules container
themes Holds all page layouts
.htaccess10.51 year28.12 KBnanocaiordo+3-3Fixed .ico Expires header.
banners.php10.03 years15.45 KBdjmaze+2-2
Upgraded version number
cpg_error.log10.03 years1.26 KBdjmaze+0-0
Upgraded version number
error.php10.03 years23.7 KBdjmaze+2-2
Upgraded version number
favicon.ico10.03 years1.92 KBdjmaze+0-0
Upgraded version number
footer.php10.92 years41.84 KBnanocaiordo+5-510.0.9.31:
correct upgrade, SQL debug bugfix, moved HttpUtils and HttpHeaders into new Dragonfly_Net_Http
header.php10.241 year82.59 KBnanocaiordo+7-7Just spacings.
index.php10.421 year114.56 KBnanocaiordo+6-4Prevent running without proper config.php.
robots.txt10.03 years3.28 KBdjmaze+0-0
Upgraded version number

Total 11 dir(s) and 9 file(s) (312.72 KB)

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