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This is a web interface to the Dragonfly CMS CVS tree. You can browse the file hierarchy by picking directories. If you pick a file, you will see the revision history for that file.
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FileRev.AgeSizeAuthorLine+Line-Last log entry
security.php10.351 year117.93 KBnanocaiordo+47-33Further security class improvements.
phpmailer.php10.41 year113.93 KBnanocaiordo+4-4Removing deprecated functions.
cpg_member.php10.91 year110.68 KBnanocaiordo+5-9Removed domain name from cookies so subdomains wont access them anymore.
template.php10.101 year87.13 KBnanocaiordo+3-3Synch core database data directly from ACP, Projects/f=118/
smtp.php10.03 years77.71 KBdjmaze+1-1Upgraded main revision number
cpg_adminmenu.php10.31 year70.18 KBnanocaiordo+4-4Admin graphic using DF_STATIC_DOMAIN
session.php10.101 year63.99 KBnanocaiordo+4-4Removed domain name from cookies so subdomains wont access them anymore.
installer.php10.32 years49.56 KBnanocaiordo+6-6Modules upgrades used to fail because of duplicate code.
sqlctrl.php10.41 year47.53 KBdjmaze+4-4Added more XML export data features
blocks.php10.141 year41.65 KBdjmaze+13-13use new sql class methods
db_check.php10.13 years39.09 KBdjmaze+19-22using improved Poodle_SQL
cpg_file.php10.12 years38.44 KBnanocaiordo+8-8Updated for E_STRICTs.
time.php10.03 years38.2 KBdjmaze+2-2Upgraded main revision number
cpg_debugger.php10.151 year35.33 KBnanocaiordo+16-15Ensure that critical errors are also logged according to config.
template_enc.php10.42 years33.9 KBnanocaiordo+3-3Rss feeds up and running.
module.php1.221 year23.91 KBnanocaiordo+2-5Fixed empty $Module object
css.php10.231 year22.48 KBnanocaiordo+5-5CSS and JS, case insensitives.
cpg_cache.php10.22 years20.46 KBnanocaiordo+4-4clear_conf() now search for *config* files instead of ^config_
js.php10.211 year19.98 KBnanocaiordo+4-4CSS and JS, case insensitives.
cpg_ftp.php10.03 years18.1 KBdjmaze+2-2Upgraded main revision number
client.php1.91 year16.21 KBnanocaiordo+22-7Client class update.
cvs.php10.12 years16.16 KBnanocaiordo+12-14CVS class: createroot() now able to repair failed installs.
L10N admin: improved returned update's messages.
cpg_ftpfake.php10.03 years16.05 KBdjmaze+3-3Upgraded main revision number
installer_module.php10.72 years14.69 KBnanocaiordo+6-13Modules upgrades used to fail because of duplicate code.
php.php1.121 year12.97 KBdjmaze+3-3Improved php.ini user_agent value
rss.php10.22 years12.25 KBnanocaiordo+4-4Stopped RSS cached data from being saved with a already translated _HREADMORE.
url.php10.141 year11.39 KBnanocaiordo+6-5Option to force 3xx http status codes
filter.php10.121 year8.82 KBnanocaiordo+25-16SEO update files.
archive.php10.13 years7.41 KBnanocaiordo+4-3trigger_error for unsupported files
spam.php1.71 year5.73 KBnanocaiordo+3-14Spam class, just saving progress.
feed_rss.php1.51 year5.66 KBnanocaiordo+14-4Rss with etag and atom.
hook.php10.03 years5.62 KBdjmaze+2-2Upgraded main revision number
menu.php10.21 year4.67 KBnanocaiordo+5-5Using a single DF_STATIC_DOMAIN instead _A and _B.
methods.php10.12 years3.47 KBdjmaze+8-10Tighter integration with Poodle framework and load poodle first to get more custom configuration power with php.ini and such
html_form.php1.12 years2.44 KBnanocaiordoSaving new firewall control panel progresses.
shutdown.php1.23 years2.02 KBnanocaiordo+14-15Warn if a callback fails to run, should it write directly into php error_log instead?
profiler.php1.43 years1.75 KBnanocaiordo+3-4declare(ticks=1) have to be declared outside the class.

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