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This is a web interface to the Dragonfly CMS CVS tree. You can browse the file hierarchy by picking directories. If you pick a file, you will see the revision history for that file.
Selecting a revision number will show that revision of the file. There are links at each revision to display diffs, annotate and download.
Note: Info about CVS and our commits can be found at our CVS Info Forum
total revisions: 49; selected revisions: 2 (history)
10.1 by nanocaiordoview | annotate | download
2011/11/28 11:43:32 (2 years ago)
Changed : +8 -8 lines
Differences to 10.0

Updated for E_STRICTs.

10.0 by djmazeview | annotate | download
2010/11/05 01:03:15 (3 years ago)
Changed : +3 -3 lines

Upgraded main revision number

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