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FileRev.AgeSizeAuthorLine+Line-Last log entry
forums.php1.28 years87.28 KBnanocaiordo+3-43setlocale() fixes
main.php1.162 years38.49 KBnanocaiordo+8-3Update for L10N
coppermine.php1.26 years36.68 KBnanocaiordo+5-5Fixed http://dragonflycms.org/Projects/bugs/id=1036/
downloads.php1.48 years24.98 KBnanocaiordo+2-4Site wide use of _NEXTPAGE and _PREVIOUSPAGE defined in main.php
web_links.php1.38 years24.8 KBnanocaiordo+2-5Site wide use of _NEXTPAGE and _PREVIOUSPAGE defined in main.php
your_account.php1.18 years22.42 KBnanocaiordofirst commit
news.php1.45 years14.45 KBestlane+5-2New definitions for News admin
reviews.php1.38 years10.16 KBnanocaiordo+2-4Site wide use of _NEXTPAGE and _PREVIOUSPAGE defined in main.php
surveys.php1.28 years6.57 KBnanocaiordo+62-62translated by Joan
encyclopedia.php1.38 years5.33 KBnanocaiordo+2-4Site wide use of _NEXTPAGE and _PREVIOUSPAGE defined in main.php
our_sponsors.php1.28 years5.31 KBnanocaiordo+43-43translated by Joan
blogs.php1.38 years4.77 KBnanocaiordo+2-4Site wide use of _NEXTPAGE and _PREVIOUSPAGE defined in main.php
tell_a_friend.php1.28 years4.59 KBnanocaiordo+32-32translated by Joan
bbcode.php1.27 years4.3 KBnanocaiordo+5-4Related to bug http://dragonflycms.org/Projects/bugs/id=786.html
search.php1.28 years4.08 KBnanocaiordo+42-42translated by Joan
statistics.php1.28 years3.66 KBnanocaiordo+34-34translated by Joan
content.php1.38 years3.64 KBnanocaiordo+2-4Site wide use of _NEXTPAGE and _PREVIOUSPAGE defined in main.php
errors.php1.24 years3.37 KBnanocaiordo+6-6Javascript alert on security flooding detection.
faq.php1.28 years3.29 KBnanocaiordo+30-30translated by Joan
cpgmm.php1.46 years3.22 KBnanocaiordo+3-3fixed missing http://
submit_news.php1.18 years2.8 KBnanocaiordofirst commit
top.php1.28 years2.72 KBnanocaiordo+22-22translated by Joan
contact.php1.28 years2.27 KBnanocaiordo+15-15translated by Joan
topics.php1.18 years1.92 KBnanocaiordofirst commit
stories_archive.php1.28 years1.83 KBnanocaiordo+13-13translated by Joan
cpglang.php1.18 years1.81 KBnanocaiordofirst commit
ircchat.php1.18 years1.61 KBnanocaiordofirst commit
shoutblock.php1.18 years943 Bnanocaiordofirst commit

Total 1 dir(s) and 28 file(s) (327.26 KB)

Language notes have been compilied by Akamu from ethnologue.com

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