Dragonfly 10 changelog Current Known bug: New change post var "name" into "dfname" Template all frontend modules Block Permissions multiple groups Facility to downgrade a module. Show a notice if attachment is hidden in forumpost Mobile device support Support for BBCode/Smilies on Forums QuickReply Thumbs up/Thumbs Down on Forum posts Show loaded templates in debugger Improved SEO on page titles, also multilingual. Login Provider (server, improved #94) Login: XRI, OpenID and other providers integration Automated sub-forums management. Allow for bot updates Optional content type Add SMARTY Comments to Templates CSS/JS eTag and minification Export database table/data as XML installer file. Hostnames access control list Security activity log Link Engine Optimization on IIS web servers 301 redirects on LEO changes RSS atom:link support RSS ETag support CSS main menu template file Support write to master and read from slave RDBM Increase usability of LEO links Build LEO (pretty) links with bbcode Add ability to ban existing bots Spamhaus SBL-XBL Profiler class for advanced debug and benchmark Individually show/hide PHP or CMS debug infos Fixed Output Control - Movile menu error My Account - Template issue during user registration HTML Template - Administration menu error Coppermine - Rate this picture shouldn't be displayed to Anonymous Coppermine - Fields user1 thru user4 dropped in v9.37 (postgre) Administration - Link Error at Administration Menu Coppermine - Pagination error in thumbnail lastalb display (+ fix) Administration - Code not works correctly *CPG Core Issues - Poodle and jQuery conflicts. *General Issues - New Forums created with a forum_id of 0 SQL - Installation - SQL Error - install/step3.php at line 195 Administration - Class Dragonfly_Identity not found SQL - Installation - SQL Error - Duplicate entry 'Statistics' for key 'title' News - Articles order does not work while viewing category Forums - Fresh Dragonfly install fails to install Forums correctly? Themes - Admin permissions overlapping theme display settings. Forums - Remove System Timezone setting from forums settings Output Control - RSS relative URLs *CPG Core Issues - Toggle Content Warning Message - Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated Administration - Debug, E_ constants were used instead E_USER constants. Performance - call_user_func instead of eval in Hook Administration - Visiting admin pages changes theme to default *General Issues - Not used $hr in theme.php Coppermine - Suggestion: natsort() instead of sort() if sorting by filename *CPG Core Issues - Can't disable blocks via $Blocks->SIDE = -1; Performance - Redundant bbthemes and bbthemes_name tables *General Issues - Censorlist contains same value two times Parse Error - modules/Forums/common.php cant open BoardCache.php if opened via userblock *CPG Core Issues - Fatal error: Class 'HOOK' not found in includes\classes\template.php on line 13 *CPG Core Issues - Link to User Accounts Causes Error *CPG Core Issues - Typo in ua.inc Causes Fatal Error on Bot Check 10.0 24-Jul-2008