Dragonfly 9.0 -> 9.0.2 changelog Released 19-Mar-2005 Fixed Warning Message - Variables accessed before being initialized Output Control - Web Links TopRated missing the Edit option if admin is viewing Output Control - Web Links Get Parent Adds Extraneous "/" Warning Message - Weblinks admin linksmodlink function is missing global $sitename Warning Message - Web Links TopRated missing a global Blocks - RSS Blocks Ignore "Link" Element in Feed *Module Issues - Missing images for use by content module Themes - Theme DragonFly don't display right side of the forum pages in MSIE Cookie / Session - Private Message Count Stuck at 1 Coppermine - Header in Coppermine block Blocks - Error in Main Menu block Forums - Undefined indexes in Forums Top - Top module Coppermine - Misspelled word "galley" Cookie / Session - SQL error on your account My Account - My Account Edit Profile Information Not Saving Forums - Attachment File Comments Not Escaped Properly *Module Issues - Web Links Modify Category Cookie / Session - Missing Bots *Module Issues - Quotes escaped improperly in Links module *Module Issues - Web_Links Module not showing up under Admin *Module Issues - Web Links MostPopular missing header Cookie / Session - PM count stuck at 1 new message Blocks - Undefined Variable: time2 Coppermine - Wrong image in adwait.inc Blocks - Blog Block errors 27-Feb-2005 Fixed Coppermine - FireFox and Dragonfly Downloads - Add Download - Make paragraph *Module Issues - IRC Chat adlinks.inc 26-Feb-2005 26-Feb-2005 26-Feb-2005 Fixed Blocks - blocks dobled File handling - Animated Avatars can not be uploaded 24-Feb-2005 24-Feb-2005 Fixed Coppermine - Coppermine Upload Error Statistics - Stats modeule reporting wrong information Cookie / Session - Web Links Module Does Not Fix Quotes in Session News - Approving News Submissions Warning Message - Warning line 81: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() *Module Issues - Weblinks don't allow any links to be added My Account - My preferences SQL Error Coppermine - "Photo Gallery Administration" Menu Documentation - Inconsistent default db name in INSTALL.txt Documentation - Inconsistent default db name in config.php Groups - Group Moderators Can't Approve Users News - Deleting News Article Causes SQL Error Coppermine - Hard Coded db prefix in coppermine/admin/adwait.inc 19-Feb-2005 Fixed Forums - Attachment Thumbnail Creation Settings *Module Issues - LEO: Sections PrintPage option doesn't show images Blocks - block-CPG-center-scroll-Random_pictures centers news articles when center top News - When deleting an article with an attached poll the poll isn't deleted/removed *Module Issues - Broken Web Link Reporting Coppermine - Short Tags in displayimagepopup.php SQL - Avatar Directories *Module Issues - Reviews Administration Not Functional SQL - upgrade script creates malformed rows Forums - forum topic title length problem Coppermine - Coppermine Themes .inc Short Tags Blocks - non getlink references in CPG Blocks HTML Template - Menu Blocks *Module Issues - PNG Web Links Logo Does Not Display Properly in IE Private Messages - pm quick reply won't enable Released 12-Feb-2005 Fixed Cookie / Session - Translation Failed Coppermine - long descriptions don't word-wrap in coppermine Our Sponsors - bad html code with text banner Output Control - New Web Links Logo Does Not Display Properly in IE *Module Issues - Submitting a Web Link Parse Error - Missing ( in Web_Links/admin/index.inc *Module Issues - Waiting Content Number *Module Issues - Review Letter Menu 06-Feb-2005 Fixed My Account - Default theme in YOUR_ACCOUNT is not displayed by default *Module Issues - Reviews Admin Language Coppermine - modules/coppermine/usermgr.php v9.1 line 260 references unset variable Blocks - Total hits block works but showing error Coppermine - "Edit User:" link on image approval page results in error. Private Messages - Setting "Disable BBCode" when sending a private message results in DB error. *Module Issues - Weblinks add link error *Module Issues - Project Page - Possible solutions unreadable *Module Issues - Approving A Review Top - A database error has occurred in Top 10 *Module Issues - Reviews Admin Language *Module Issues - Unable to delete reviews *Module Issues - Missing Language Definition - BLOG *General Issues - [resolved] *Module Issues - Submitting a review Statistics - Busiest Day Reports Wrong Number My Account - Registration + GMT +11 bug My Account - Can not input more then 25 char for MSN Messenger address Forums - Unable to attache a file to a post Stories Archive - no news in database results in stories archive bug Coppermine - User is redirected to bad url after sending an ecard *Module Issues - Web Links menu does not work *Module Issues - Reviews 'Reviews Page Title' does not display Downloads - Indexing Prob Output Control - Hardcoded words in footer Forums - adding cencering word doesn't work My Account - Hardcoded text My Account - Constant _RESET already defined Blocks - Hard coded text in newsletter.php Downloads - Downlads wrong page!! Forums - Print topic is missing styles *Module Issues - Encyclopedia Admin Problem Blocks - Shoutblock Forums - Attributed Quote Syntax Does Not Work in Message Preview Forums - Forum Username banning not working Topics - Editing topics: layout/linking problem News - Post news text does not display News - Moderating comments "As Is" mods them down. Surveys - Moderating comments "As Is" mod them down. *Module Issues - Web Links: "edit" link for a *specific* link opens general link edit page *Module Issues - A "1" is inserted into a blank e-mail field in Web Links. Forums - Notices when setting the group rights for a forum Forums - Duplicate file attachment names, causes file overwrite Themes - Module's Scrolling on 9.0RC1 Downloads - Download vote display is incorrect Blocks - "Center Down" HTML blocks aren't displayed *Module Issues - Web Links Add Link Error SQL - Unable to accept submitted Web Link changes Forums - Unable to set user/group permissions Forums - Admin links hardcoded in module Output Control - error.php Themes - Lost Password Field is mis-placed in DragonFly only Coppermine - Coppermine Display bug SQL - Install with mysqli broken. Coppermine - register error *Module Issues - Unable to delete Web Links categories Stories Archive - "Topic" field on "Edit Article" page does not retain value News - _CATSAVED language variable not specified Surveys - Surveys Results Blank Page Parse Error - Groups page error Parse Error - XP SP2 Local Server.. News - Editing News Article Strips *HTML Entities Output Control - Messagebox Does Not Parse HTML Output Control - Editing Messagebox Message Strips *HTML Entities Reproducible crash - Multiple include of block Themes - cpgnuke theme problem *Module Issues - No Encyclopedia in the Encyclopedia Module Topics - Topic Module Errors Coppermine - Gallery User Avatar Link SQL - Unknown column *Other Issues - Blogs: submit comment url redirect problem Themes - Announcement Formatting *Module Issues - Web_Links voting doesn't work Blocks - Anonymous name in shoutblock 9.0.0.RC1 11-Jan-2005 Fixed Coppermine - IM/netpbm Path Not Honored Blocks - need space - block-Preview_theme.php *Module Issues - weblinks - Notices - already defined constants- missing constants *Module Issues - Weblinks - report broken link does not work Forums - Forum attachments empty after download Output Control - Block Admin Tooltip Not Consistent with Function Downloads - Download Notices Part II My Account - Arrow Is Inactive News - Sticky articles don't show *Module Issues - WebLinks syntax error Forums - Mixed image paths for poll-bars News - Undefined index's Groups - Cannot Admin Group Perms My Account - User Custom field Definition is not correctly loaded from Language File *Module Issues - Weblinks - SQL error My Account - Number of News stories doesn't change *Module Issues - Weblinks - missing language defines Downloads - Downloads - Missing language defines Coppermine - albmgr not properly showing category when CPG_Stats block is enabled Downloads - Downloads - notices *Module Issues - Reviews - missing language defines. Performance - New search engine robot Downloads - Downloads Module HTML Compliance and Table Bugs *Module Issues - Shoutblock - Already defined constants + 1 notice Forums - Puke 7.4 to Dragonfly Private Messages - SQL error line: 174 missing $html_on var for privmsgs_enable_html insert *Module Issues - Missing Admin Icon - IRCCHAT Statistics - Statistics - Safari not recording hits Output Control - NBBCode deletes selected text in mozilla based browsers Statistics - Firefox on Ubuntu Linux shows up as Netscape *Module Issues - Content Module - notices Coppermine - Coppermine - Select category Coppermine - Coppermine Batch add not working *Module Issues - Blog Error - Blog text was not set *Module Issues - Weblinks - pagination does not work Forums - BBCode page in forums does not exist *Module Issues - Weblinks - can not edit catagory *Module Issues - Weblinks - can not delete catgories Forums - /Forums/search.html - notices Groups - Groups - notices *Module Issues - IRCChat - calls to none existant files/wrong paths Themes - Dragonfly Theme Issues News - Topic-View Parse Error - install error Coppermine - modules/coppermine/config.php - Undefined index Output Control - meta tags are almost the same for all pages SQL - Installation Errors - Upgrade From Puke 7.4 Themes - PH2 - missing right blocks My Account - Avatar Uploads Forums - Horizontal scrollbars My Account - HTML Validation Errors - Your Acccount Module Private Messages - Unable to install PM with Puke data SQL - Renaming error SQL - Update 8.2 to 9.0 ORDER on UPDATE :S SQL - Mysql Parse error on cpg_pictures Forums - Error in forums after upgrading a site without attach mod *Module Issues - Newsletter to group with zero users Themes - CPG-News theme doesnt work correctly News - Comments Notice Error Blocks - Graphical Administration Menu Does Not Display Icons If "Both" Is Not Selected *CPG Core Issues - Installer upgrade error bbattach Themes - Center blocks missing *Other Issues - No output after upgrade from 8.2 Forums - Fatal error: in forums Output Control - Linking to Off-site Avatar Results in Debugging Output Forums - Wrong path for upload icons *General Issues - Incorrect display of 'Online Now' in Main Admin *Module Issues - Content Module Title Edit Error Output Control - Memory Usage Displayed Incorrectly in Footer Search - Duplicated Class Properties "cat" XHTML Compliance Coppermine - XHTML Compliance Issues - Search Function Groups - HTML Compliance Issues - Groups Module Forums - Attachmod Upload Quota in member profile not displaying properly *Module Issues - HTML Compliance Issue Web Links Module *Module Issues - Missing Language Definitions & Files - IRCChat Submit News - HTML Compliance Issue Submit News Forums - No text in Forum Ranks Themes - missing alt tag Parse Error - Parse error on install.php Coppermine - coppermine (rate pictures) Coppermine - album manager not showing catigorized albums Coppermine - Stamp showing as broken image on mailed ecard Coppermine - Batch add pictures not working Blocks - Who where block not displaying properly Topics - Only 1 topic displayed in topics module Parse Error - a few errors in german language *Other Issues - My Headlines doesnt work Cookie / Session - Theme does not change when a user change theme in user profile Members List - deleted user remove error *CPG Core Issues - Upgrade error 8.2b => 9.0 with latest installer Forums - There is not language file for module forums Forums - The CpgNuke theme doesnt show any links for Administrating Forums Private Messages - IE returns a white page, Firefox doesn't Output Control - Czech not UTF8 by default Security - .htaccess file incorrect to hide config.php Blocks - block-Forums_scroll_Last_posts.php does not show the correct time *Module Issues - SHoutblock not converting characters to utf8 compatible Output Control - Another hard link to index.php Cookie / Session - Session only storing 1 guest user My Account - All profile links show my own profile Coppermine - Subcategory Display Configuration Error *Other Issues - CPGMM 'show this to' option not fully working Forums - outbound forum emails from webmaster@mysite.com SQL - CPG-Main Menu SQL Error - unknown table *Module Issues - Downloads & Weblinks don't show up in admin Forums - Default Avatar Mod. Themes - CSS Errors Blocks - CPGMM Not using 'Custom Title' from modules Blocks - Block-Last_Referers not UTF-8 encoding links *Other Issues - Footer CSS Output Control - Reference to PHPBB admin message in Fourm Admin Coppermine - coppermine rating bug Blocks - XHTML error reference to non-existent ID *Module Issues - Shoutblock URL function inoperative Blocks - Migration from PHP-Nuke 7.4 Forums - 'more smilies' popup and Internet Explorer Parse Error - error install postgre7 Parse Error - install in postgre7 error