Dragonfly 9.0.3 -> 9.3 changelog Current Known bug: Fixed Administration - 64bits OS - IPs entered on security page become Output Control - Since 9.3.2 removal of & from email links 9.3.3 Current Stable 19-Feb-2012 New ForumsPlus merging. Fixed Performance - Forums sync out of order. Output Control - Upgrade 9.3.2 theme problem logged in user + admin File handling - Multi language open_basedir restriction in effect SQL - CREATE DATABASE 12345_example error Coppermine - Wrong link on edit albums *General Issues - Broken update monitor. Output Control - bbcode doesn't allow spaces Administration - IE8 can't order blocks SQL - MySQL TYPE deprecated Administration - http refferers missing Forums - template error attachment admin 9.3 Released 04-Oct-2011 New Add Last visited to Member List Add one more translationfile for every page Fixed My Account - Multiple accounts created Forums - Max PM posts (Inbox/Sentbox/Savebox) not updating HTML Template - Sub template repetition 15-Mar-2011 Fixed Coppermine - displayimage not using image title as html page title Coppermine - Script called without the required parameter (approvedX) Warning Message - nbbcode w3 tidy warning messages 05-Jul-2010 Fixed Parse Error - Multipart UTF-8 mail doesn't work in Opera 06-Jun-2010 Fixed Themes - User theme selection disabled still over riding admin theme choice 9.2.3 25-Feb-2010 Fixed Security - IE8 unknown user agent error Forums - $template->display('body'); twice Warning Message - c.parent' isn't in GROUP BY on coppermine main page 9.2.2 03-Jan-2010 New "My Account" Module always visible to All Visitors disallow forum posting per user Smilies CSS styling Make the system more user friendly Add a New Timezone Caracas Disable center blocks at module or page level Fixed Coppermine - Parameter missing in user level call in Batch Add Security - Email addresses containing hyphen fail validation Administration - IE8 get's blocked as unknown user agent Output Control - New Members do not link default avatar correctly Coppermine - Seg Fault in Batch Add Pictures - Album Menu: with Fix *CPG Core Issues - PM Quick Reply pop-up smilies might interfere with input Administration - Configuration section ribbon menu is missing separator before "P3P" *CPG Core Issues - Error when no blocks activated and adding a new module *CPG Core Issues - BBCode returns wrong markup Forums - Moderators "Array" in forums with subforums *General Issues - uploading smilies pak Coppermine - coppermine editpics.php FIXED SQL - Bug in admin/modules/modules.php in optimizing? Security - Can't add top level domain to referrers blocklist *CPG Core Issues - Error in url_refresh() Function *CPG Core Issues - Error in url_redirect() Function Forums - Error in phpBB Emailer Class *CPG Core Issues - Blocks Not Executing after CVS Update SQL - Duplicate entry in cms_security_flood Surveys - Survey page does not show right blocks SQL - install does not set UNSIGNED SQL - Installer unable to hold the DEFAULT value for CHANGE queries type. My Account - Fatal Error when trying to Add rss url in Your Account News - Anyone can post comments even if Comments are not Activated! Reproducible crash - :: in the end of a block title causes an error message Parse Error - groupmgr del group error *CPG Core Issues - cpg_error properly shut all blocks down File handling - module credits not picked up from module/sql/cpg_inst.php *General Issues - $showblocks feature not imported in the current Blocks class Warning Message - Invalid in_addr value SQL - CPGNuke 8.2 upgrade - Multiple unknown columns in modules_* table 9.2 Released 15-Feb-2008 New Ability to use languages from html templates Fixed *CPG Core Issues - Admin block gone after upgrade Documentation - Missing documentation from 9.2 download Coppermine - keyword search issue Themes - Remove style="border: 0px;" from bbcode button Blocks - Bug in "This Day In History" Administration - Radio buttons in the P3P section do not retrieve state correctly Security - Unchecked $_POST in implode() in modules/News/admin/submissions.inc Administration - Multiple P3P-related Errors in admin/modules/settings.php *Module Issues - Contact module template form linking to non-LEO URL 9.2.RC2 18-Dec-2007 9.2.RC1 17-Dec-2007 Fixed HTML Template - viewforum_body.html template includes undefined variables Coppermine - coppermine doesn't work. *CPG Core Issues - Core yesno_option() may give warning offset: 0 News - News Module, "Undefined index" Errors in Preview Story SQL - SQl Error When Adding Link in Web Links Administration - Can't Uninstall Module Administration - unable to remove blocked IP's from security center admin Surveys - Surveys&pollid=... gives themesideblock error 13-Sep-2007 13-Sep-2007 Fixed HTML Template - News article.php calling themesidebox 03-Sep-2007 New make {newstopic.S_MORELINK} into pieces Fixed Themes - Table borders not shown in Opera Private Messages - Attachments in Private Messages HTML Template - Incorrect width in Opera *Languages - Hardcoded Language String Search - Search Bug with Module Access Level Coppermine - includes/coppermine/functions.inc " Invalid argument supplied for foreach() " File handling - image_type_to_extension returns inconsistent results, hoses thumbnail filenames 19-Aug-2007 New Confirm untranslated with cpg_delete_msg() Fixed SQL - "Last Comments" Link in Coppermine Causes SQL Error if Album Has No Comments *Languages - Confirm untranslated with cpg_delete_msg() SQL - Error on update of smilie order Forums - Smilies not displayed in the correct order 03-Aug-2007 Fixed Coppermine - New Album Error Security - Security admin module 1.12 banning users too quickly for flooding 17-May-2007 Fixed SQL - Can not add a module in MySQL 5.0 Strict Mode SQL - Can not add comment on news with MySQL 5.0 Strict Mode SQL - Can not send PM with MySQL 5.0 Strict Mode SQL - Can not add a forum post in MySQL 5.0 Strict Mode 11-May-2007 Fixed Output Control - CSS Menu flickers in IE 6 (with the bugsource) 05-May-2007 Fixed SQL - _SESSIONS table not populated in MySQL 5.0 Strict Mode Administration - Deleteing subforum if 2+ topics with voting exists in there causes ERROR Forums - Topic title is missing backslashes 14-Apr-2007 Fixed File handling - In blocks admin tabletree.css is always searched for theme "dragonfly" Coppermine - Disable main width in coppermine settings as it's ment for a standalone *Module Issues - CPG Main Menu only show one link per category Coppermine - displayimagepopup.php doesn't get _CHARSET My Account - Wrong rank at Your_Account. Reproducible crash - BaseHref problem while installing latest snapshot with IE6 HTML Template - New cpgmm.css calls for arrow.png which doesn't exist *Languages - Hardcoded OR in password recovery Blocks - closing center tag in cpg center block Released 17-Mar-2007 New Audio Visual Security code Fixed Coppermine - coppermine view full size picture Blocks - blocks per module Coppermine - cannot edit comments Coppermine - Allow viewing of full size pic by anonymous Coppermine - imagine filename/information Blocks - blocks showing with certain modules Coppermine - Coppermine Toggle Picture info Coppermine - albums/pictures in sub-categories don't list count in parent My Account - Theme changing unintentionally Coppermine - Errors linking images from filmstrip Coppermine - Last Updated Album showing the same as Last Additions Tell a Friend - Contact module: orphaned tag Output Control - (v9.1.1) error.php malformed html output SQL - e-mail activation fails because of faulty sql generation register.php *CPG Core Issues - Top blocks aren't showing in adminpage *CPG Core Issues - Empty sql_nextid in nuke upgrades Warning Message - admin/modules/blocks.php Undefined variable: view Warning Message - admin/modules/blocks.php undefined index: headline Coppermine - Last Updated and Last Comments aren't selected correctly HTML Template - cgpmm javascript has a bit bad effect in Opera 20-Jan-2007 Fixed Coppermine - "Visitors can upload pictures" setting won't "stick". SQL - MySQL 5.0 Strict User Approval News - Deleted Articles's stories when deleting a different category then 'Articles' SQL - Admin Blocks "Field 'bkey' doesn't have a default value" Administration - SQL error when updating blocks *General Issues - DF Time Class isn't meet new US DST Rule Parse Error - DF Time Class parse error SQL - impossible to add unique or primary key when duplicate entries are found Forums - User Regdate Blocks - New Module Selects No Blocks By Default 9.1.1 Released 13-Jan-2007 New Security code in Contact module to block spam Admin deletion of <24Hr bans Fixed SQL - MySQL 5.0 Strict Mode Install Issues SQL - Installer fail when using capital letters within database name *CPG Core Issues - Inaccurate IP on Multi Processors Servers Security - New Security table cleanup wipes security table Blocks - Suspended accounts showing in totals Statistics - counter.php not using gmtime to track clicks Performance - Maintenance mode has fault design in Opera Blocks - block-CPG_Stats.php giving wrong link Coppermine - 404 log error spam due to missing scripts.js SQL - Error upgrading cpg 8.2c to 9.1 RC1 9.1.1.RC2 18-Dec-2006 Fixed Output Control - charset="_CHARSET" from newsletter Themes - default theme can mess up Projects comments Forums - [quote=name] not working *CPG Core Issues - BBCode pareser problem for quotes Administration - Missing Default Avatar *General Issues - Time not correct for PHP > 5.1 *CPG Core Issues - Upgrade to 9.1.1 RC1 install error SQL - Optimize on 9.1.1 RC1 fails on MySQL *Module Issues - Encyclopedia db error on install *Module Issues - FAQ db error on install 9.1.1.RC1 05-Dec-2006 Fixed Blocks - Show Block Causes Namespace Collision for Blocks with Active Content Downloads - Voting point still zero after voting! Coppermine - error showing fullsize image on searching *Module Issues - pagetitles are not multilingual Output Control - Parsing HTML in newsletter / Forums *Module Issues - Terms not translated on modules.php Forums - Wrong variable used in for loop in forum user admin (with fix) *CPG Core Issues - Missed Estonian capital city in timezones in includes/classes/time.php Coppermine - "Last Updated Albums" not showing latest updates Administration - Recent cmsinit.inc change messes up timezone reporting SQL - CVS to Upgrade Error 04-Oct-2006 Fixed News - News Error Cookie / Session - Topic Reply Notification in wrong language SQL - postgresql OPTIMIZE not working SQL - Postgres and Module Install Forums - Wrong 'Return to Admin' link in admin_attachements (with fix) SQL - TINYINT Coppermine - "Last Updated Album" doesn't update Blocks - album number not coming block-CPG-scroll-least_view_pictures Coppermine - Coppermine user gallery area Coppermine - album commenting permissions reversed [with fix] Coppermine - no voting/commenting forms with pics (with fix) SQL - modules/Your_Account/userinfo.php query for PostgresSql SQL - modules/Your_Account/blocks/forums.php query for PostgresSQL SQL - Forums queries with PostgresSQL Search - Misplaced variable HTML Template - BASEHREF set incorrectly, breaks in-page anchor links Forums - ICQ linking in Forums My Account - Custom Fields in Profile don't display double (") or single quote (') properly *General Issues - Error on DB Update During Installation *CPG Core Issues - Use of flush(); prevents output of further headers. Causes cookie problems. *Module Issues - Encyclopedia term edit link incorrect SQL - MySQLi Client Installation Error *CPG Core Issues - nbbcode.php parses urls in php tag blocks Forums - Single quotes in poll_option_caption being shown as html entity Forums - Poll strings not converted properly News - Pagination error if stories set to not display in Home Forums - Forums viewtopic GROUP BY clause doesn't contain all of the SELECTed fields. Forums - Forums display using broken syntax for PostgreSQL Parse Error - missing comma install/sql/tables/forums.php 1.13 Surveys - Surveys changes to let module work with Postgres Security - Dragonfly installer does not mask database password SQL - Groups module errors with PostgresSQL SQL - Forums rss feed sql incorrect for PostgresSQL Blocks - User Info block doesn't update on new PMs. Blocks - Bad layout of output in User Info block SQL - ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint "cms_referer_pkey" SQL - pg_free_result on wrong variable in insert_id method of sql_db class SQL - Forums queries with PostgresSQL Security - Banned Users Become Unbanned Spontaneously SQL - users_cfg.php: TINYINT, INT instead of uniform INT1, INT4 SQL - [cvs] error installing to existing database SQL - _backtrace (db.php) method doesn't backtrace correctly on Windows Coppermine - Blank page in coppermine SQL - install method of cpg_installer class passing incorrect default value Forums - Signatures and ' Dutch - ALBUM NAME instead of ALBUM_NAME Parse Error - Missing closing parenthesis in install.php My Account - Logging in incorrectly then correctly in User Info block Blocks - Not all values for blocks updated every time a block is edited. My Account - Custom Yes/No Fields in My Account not working Warning Message - Installer undefined indexes [workaround] *Module Issues - Reviews Image Preview / Editing Not Functional *Module Issues - Web Links desriptions parse incorrectly *Module Issues - Review Rating Not Functional *Languages - Problems with 'accents' My Account - Hard coded attachment info text in Your_account My Account - hidden groups not shown to members [with fix] HTML Template - Validation Errors in Web Links Module *Module Issues - Anonymous posting in Shoutblock My Account - Hidden groups visible on Profile page SQL - Out of range value adjusted for column ... Blocks - Web Links Module Contains Unescaped Ampersands in Waiting Block Output Control - Installer does'nt retain selected language [with fix] News - Language in Submit News *Languages - Hard coded BBCode Forums - Untranslated string "Anonymous" in the main page of Forums News - Approving News Submissions SQL - Installer Security Agent Reproducible crash - $db->list_databases() leads to crash on my host SQL - $db->sql_nextid() : You must specify an 'idfield' in $db->insert_id($idfield) Statistics - Details stats link does not work SQL - postgres INSERT failing because of NULL instead of DEFAULT Blocks - select language block Security - User suspension not working correctly SQL - _backtrace (db.php) method not backtracing far enough *Languages - Wrong language name of Eesti File handling - 9.1 installer chokes on paid Lycos shared Warning Message - Warning from 9.1 installer first page *CPG Core Issues - gmtime function in cmsinit doesnt make the GMT Parse Error - One dot and quote too many-Blogs index.php 9.2 22-Feb-2006 Fixed Output Control - L10NTime::strftime calling preg_replace incorrectly (with fix) SQL - view in _modules set as tinyint Administration - Blocks Administration, block_show() function contains invalid markup Blocks - [with fix] preview theme shuts out superuser, too SQL - DB error message not appended correctly (with fix) SQL - _backtrace (db.php) method backtraces too far (with fix) Coppermine - sql error when updating albums in coppermine 15-Jan-2006 13-Jan-2006 Fixed Coppermine - user galleries Coppermine - album permissions ok, but no album-thumbnail in the overview News - Article Compliance - Comment Parent Lacks Value Output Control - Admin Menu IMG without proper checking Forums - Word sensors error with quotes (with fix) HTML Template - JavaScript Error in Web Site Configuration | General Forums - admin_ug_auth.php error 462 Coppermine - coppermine does not add newlines Output Control - Admin Modules Invalid XHTML and improper php string 07-Jan-2006 Fixed Cookie / Session - session class has wrong vars SQL - When restoring suspended users, email address is pulled from the wrong table SQL - inserting '00-00-0000 00:00:00' into INT4 (Our_Sponsors, index.php) Warning Message - maketip missing from installer Output Control - Cache Control Headers Cause Aggressive Caching [Fix Provided] Forums - DB_size is not calculated correctly *General Issues - admin.php Need translations Themes - Themes not mapping images in image dir to same directory in theme Output Control - Users config custom fields list displaying incorrectly (with fix) SQL - utf-8 chinese character error My Account - Your_Account incorrect variable to use phpver Output Control - Admin Main Settings Duplicate Text SQL - mySQL Manager incorrect Queries to use SQL - Error Executing Query(Installer) 06-Dec-2005 Fixed Warning Message - Index mismatch in bbcode language file SQL - another SQL error on new installer Performance - Footer Global unexist variable Warning Message - Admin Main Settings menu not created properly (with fix) *CPG Core Issues - cvs install error *General Issues - Dragonfly Error CSS File 04-Dec-2005 Fixed Warning Message - Undefined index: Type in admin/modules/modules.php 03-Dec-2005 Fixed Blocks - block-Forums_scroll_Last_posts.php SQL Error in MySQL 5 *CPG Core Issues - zlib output compression handling Coppermine - Coppermine - sql_freeresult called on string instead of result (with fix) Topics - Topics module query uses MySQL 5.0 reserved word Output Control - hardcoded english language in includes/nbbcode.php Forums - Viewtopic un-defined variable 27-Nov-2005 Fixed Coppermine - Coppermine JS endSlideShow() function not LEO-aware *CPG Core Issues - function is_email not validating all addresses Warning Message - includes/phpBB/ warnings Blocks - Warning line 55: Division by zero in block-Survey.php My Account - Avatar field is not set when admin approval required (with fix) Forums - undefined variable row in forum index SQL - Inserting '' fails on DBs that respect NOT NULL constraint Private Messages - url for msn button in PM is wrong Output Control - Admin Block Group Duplicate Coppermine - 0x0 picture size Forums - Smilies and tool buttons in forums Coppermine - get_pic_data() parses LIMIT clause incorrectly Coppermine - XHTML Bug - very easy to fix Coppermine - SQL error in Mysql 5.0 when uploading pictures in coppermine Coppermine - /includes/coppermine/functions.inc on line: 566 Groups - Custom groups are not seen by blocks My Account - includes/phpBB/emailer.php passsing malformed headers News - Pagination links do not include selected topic (with fix) Themes - Centering Banners in footer (Fix Included) Coppermine - IE ignores "base href" tag in javascript (with fix) Output Control - undefined variable Blocks - RSS Blocks and apos Entity Topics - Submitting new topics returns to wrong page. Blocks - RSS Blocks and apos Entity Topics - An SQL error on topics page. HTML Template - Admin JSCookMenu Loading When Disabled Forums - Forum/View Topic/ button print - wrong Alt text Output Control - Compressed DB Backups Produce Uncompressed File Forums - Forum Configuration Output Control - Admin JSCookMenu Load when it disabled My Account - user_regdate is not unixtime News - Problem on dark themes 14-Oct-2005 Fixed My Account - Avatar will not stay after logging off/on My Account - My Location shown twice when editing profile My Account - The field "My Location:" in my profile, it is shown twice SQL - user field "location" Downloads - Missing tags in the language file for the Downloads and RSS modules. Forums - Not all NOT NULL fields filled in when creating a Forum SQL - Inserting NULL fails on DBs that respect NOT NULL constraint SQL - Initial user creation fails on DBs that respect NOT NULL News - News changes for $db->sql_nextid to work in Postgres *CPG Core Issues - Includes changes for $db->sql_nextid to work with Postgres My Account - doubly login screen News - False Pagination Security - full path disclosure(undefined constant CPG_DEBUG) *Module Issues - FAQ index doesnt sort Forums - Line breaks not occuring with Disable BBCode checked *CPG Core Issues - A missing parameter causes Admin Menu to stretch HTML Template - syntax error in template.php *CPG Core Issues - radmin error for module upgrader Output Control - Bbcode button images not swapping correctly Output Control - Caret position not saved in textarea's for bbcode (fix included) 30-Sep-2005 Fixed Cookie / Session - install/step2.php setcookie() return false News - Missing in print.php Output Control - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in cpgmm.php on line 26 *General Issues - _HELP_LINK missing in brazilian lang News - Article Compliance - Most read story Link properties Coppermine - Coppermine Strange Code *CPG Core Issues - Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT Coppermine - Coppermine send ecard error in functions.inc Coppermine - Albums Don't Appear for Upload Blocks - block-CPG-center-scroll-Random_pictures.php still displays filename not Title. Released 05-Sep-2005 Fixed *CPG Core Issues - WebTV users cannot access admin.php (+ fix) Coppermine - Next/Previous Gallery Browse buttons incorrect Coppermine - SQL Error in Coppermine Slideshow Output Control - Javascript Problem in edition Members List - Memberlist Pagination not correct Forums - textarea.focus lost on bbcode input Coppermine - Random slideshow get SQL error Members List - Wrong rank displayed in Members_List and Groups Released 01-Jul-2005 Fixed Output Control - Page numbering is screwed up when there are only Announement topics in a forum Members List - Sort Buttons My Account - Userinfo 3 type of Bug Stories Archive - Stories Archive Shows One Post *CPG Core Issues - bad code in core_entries.inc kills upgrade Warning Message - submit_news.php header output error News - Pagination Displays an Error when no News Articles Exist Coppermine - Admins can administer coppermine without explicit rights Output Control - Excess newlines in Topic review Output Control - Too few newlines in viewtopic when bbcode off File handling - new revision of nbbcode displays wrong Forums - Bad bug!: Setting a user as moderator adds also another user as moderator Forums - storeCaret function lost from bbcode.js Topics - after adding new Topic the Edit Topic page loads SQL - When creating a new forum through admin next_id prevents incrementing Forums - No menu to manage forum Output Control - News Submission and Forums buttons... Statistics - missing image Blocks - block-CPG-scroll-Random_Pictures.php title not displayed Blocks - Title not being displayed in block-CPG-center-scroll-Top_view_pictures.php Released 01-Jun-2005 Fixed Warning Message - errors in cpg_member.php because of missing code Forums - FAQ Language File Doesn't Validate *Other Issues - Update Monitor fails to read proper version Blocks - block-CPG-center-Top_rate_pictures.php Undefined variable: length Statistics - Validation Error in Statistics Module Coppermine - Favorites do not paginate *Other Issues - Typo in Index File Coppermine - Malfunctioning "Register" block in theme.inc Coppermine - Selecting album on update album page does not take you to album Forums - CaSe SeNsItIvE issue in Forum admin links Forums - Close img tag in viewtopic.php 10-May-2005 Fixed Output Control - Administration $pagetitle Float Bug Warning Message - SPAW $spaw_root My Account - Avatar will not stay after logging off/on Topics - .gif not showing in Topic module admin My Account - Editing a custom text field in user profile *Module Issues - Review Module-- Double Quote Truncation *Module Issues - Review Module Graphic / Text Placement *Module Issues - Web Links Module Theme Logo Bug 29-Apr-2005 Fixed My Account - /r/n appears in signature instead of breaks Output Control - $allowusertheme Global is Checked, But Never Set My Account - syntax error when adding custom field Blocks - Terms not translated in block-Forums_scroll_Last_post.php Forums - Forums time one hour behind after DST began Forums - Avatar editing errors via Admin/Forum panel My Account - "Find all posts by" hardcoded Themes - Un-need styles in CSS *Other Issues - Dragonfly CMS RSS 23-Apr-2005 Fixed Warning Message - Duplicate constants defined in "Tell a Friend" Statistics - Month, Year Not Displayed Properly in All Reports Themes - nbbcode.php has hard coded value for "default" font color *CPG Core Issues - Still can't install using HTTPS protocol Blocks - module specific block HTML Template - Main Admin Menu (the one with images) does not show up in admin.php when upgragi *CPG Core Issues - Missing SQL Queries after footer Cookie / Session - User last visited, not updated File handling - weblinks has no image or link in adminpanel 9.0.3 File handling - content module not showing up in admin Blocks - no rss link in blocks but he tells wrong rss path 20-Apr-2005 Fixed Coppermine - CPG Top Rate Blocks My Account - Your_Account changes for $db->sql_nextid to work with Postgres Private Messages - Private_Messages changes for $db->sql_nextid to work in Postgres Forums - Forums changes for $db->sql_nextid to work with Postgres Coppermine - coppermine changes for $db->sql_nextid to work in Postgres Forums - Bottom breadcrumb in Forums viewtopic template is old. Top - GROUP BY doesn't contain all columns of the SELECTed tables. Topics - GROUP BY clause doesn't contain all of the SELECTed fields. Output Control - No ordering applied to messages in the main page. *CPG Core Issues - Can't install using HTTPS protocol *CPG Core Issues - Admin changes for $db->sql_nextid to work with Postgres Blocks - Bad Link: Forums Administration from Admin Menu Blocks - Implicit conversion to boolean from integer via ! operation in blocks admin *CPG Core Issues - Implicit conversion to boolean from integer via ! operation in messages admin *Module Issues - Implicit conversion to boolean from integer via ! operation in modules admin Surveys - Survey Block Parse Error *CPG Core Issues - PostgreSQL support for $db->sql_nextid Surveys - Survey Blocks variable and sql *CPG Core Issues - getlink() links have Missing/corrupt Module Name Surveys - Deleting a Survey doesn't remove comments or vote tracking Documentation - OurSponsors's link in credits.html *CPG Core Issues - Module name mangling in index.php breaks modules Statistics - Safari Browser Not Reported in Statistics Module SQL - Case sensitivity in tables 10-Apr-2005 Fixed Parse Error - Parse error in block-Languages.php Coppermine - Spurious Semicolons in groupmgr.php Security - script exploit SQL - Invalid LIMITs in UPDATE SQL statements. Coppermine - Coppermine Does Not Allow Uploads Forums - Avatar Upload Error (SQL Query Result) Released 04-Apr-2005 Fixed Output Control - Admin menu invisible in French but not in English Blocks - Preview Theme Block Does Not Work with LEO Forums - URGENT user ban control not working My Account - Can't register s0091080@sms.ed.ac.uk as email address My Account - wrong email in profile News - Wrong translation Forums - Not Marking "read" SQL - user_lastvisit field is not being updated. Forums - * viewtopic.php error when viewing a post SQL - SQL error with ' in data using custom fields Coppermine - Resized graphics don't display properly in fullsize mode Forums - Daylight Saving Time setting does not work Statistics - Incorrect operating system percentages in Statistics My Account - Personal Menu in homepage settings Coppermine - "Most viewed" links not functioning properly Members List - Terms not translated in members list Reproducible crash - typo in htaccess *CPG Core Issues - 400 Bad request issued Output Control - Installation Bugs *Module Issues - Carriage Returns in Reviews module SQL - Use of MYSQL specific result types Top - Top module not displaying top news submitters Coppermine - Error when entering a comment in Coppermine Blocks - Target Attribute Incorrect in RSS Block Warning Message - Variables accessed before being initialized Output Control - Web Links TopRated missing the Edit option if admin is viewing Output Control - Web Links Get Parent Adds Extraneous "/" Warning Message - Weblinks admin linksmodlink function is missing global $sitename Warning Message - Web Links TopRated missing a global Blocks - RSS Blocks Ignore "Link" Element in Feed *Module Issues - Missing images for use by content module Themes - Theme DragonFly don't display right side of the forum pages in MSIE Cookie / Session - Private Message Count Stuck at 1 Coppermine - Header in Coppermine block Blocks - Error in Main Menu block Forums - Undefined indexes in Forums Top - Top module Coppermine - Misspelled word "galley" Cookie / Session - SQL error on your account My Account - My Account Edit Profile Information Not Saving Forums - Attachment File Comments Not Escaped Properly *Module Issues - Web Links Modify Category Cookie / Session - Missing Bots *Module Issues - Quotes escaped improperly in Links module *Module Issues - Web_Links Module not showing up under Admin *Module Issues - Web Links MostPopular missing header Cookie / Session - PM count stuck at 1 new message Blocks - Undefined Variable: time2 Coppermine - Wrong image in adwait.inc Blocks - Blog Block errors Coppermine - FireFox and Dragonfly Downloads - Add Download - Make paragraph *Module Issues - IRC Chat adlinks.inc Blocks - blocks dobled File handling - Animated Avatars can not be uploaded Coppermine - Coppermine Upload Error Statistics - Stats modeule reporting wrong information Cookie / Session - Web Links Module Does Not Fix Quotes in Session News - Approving News Submissions Warning Message - Warning line 81: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() *Module Issues - Weblinks don't allow any links to be added My Account - My preferences SQL Error Coppermine - "Photo Gallery Administration" Menu Documentation - Inconsistent default db name in INSTALL.txt Documentation - Inconsistent default db name in config.php Groups - Group Moderators Can't Approve Users News - Deleting News Article Causes SQL Error Coppermine - Hard Coded db prefix in coppermine/admin/adwait.inc Forums - Attachment Thumbnail Creation Settings *Module Issues - LEO: Sections PrintPage option doesn't show images Blocks - block-CPG-center-scroll-Random_pictures centers news articles when center top News - When deleting an article with an attached poll the poll isn't deleted/removed *Module Issues - Broken Web Link Reporting Coppermine - Short Tags in displayimagepopup.php SQL - Avatar Directories *Module Issues - Reviews Administration Not Functional SQL - upgrade script creates malformed rows Forums - forum topic title length problem Coppermine - Coppermine Themes .inc Short Tags Blocks - non getlink references in CPG Blocks HTML Template - Menu Blocks *Module Issues - PNG Web Links Logo Does Not Display Properly in IE Private Messages - pm quick reply won't enable Cookie / Session - Translation Failed Coppermine - long descriptions don't word-wrap in coppermine Our Sponsors - bad html code with text banner Output Control - New Web Links Logo Does Not Display Properly in IE *Module Issues - Submitting a Web Link Parse Error - Missing ( in Web_Links/admin/index.inc *Module Issues - Waiting Content Number *Module Issues - Review Letter Menu My Account - Default theme in YOUR_ACCOUNT is not displayed by default *Module Issues - Reviews Admin Language Coppermine - modules/coppermine/usermgr.php v9.1 line 260 references unset variable Blocks - Total hits block works but showing error Coppermine - "Edit User:" link on image approval page results in error. Private Messages - Setting "Disable BBCode" when sending a private message results in DB error. *Module Issues - Weblinks add link error *Module Issues - Project Page - Possible solutions unreadable *Module Issues - Approving A Review Top - A database error has occurred in Top 10 *Module Issues - Reviews Admin Language *Module Issues - Unable to delete reviews *Module Issues - Missing Language Definition - BLOG *General Issues - [resolved] *Module Issues - Submitting a review Statistics - Busiest Day Reports Wrong Number My Account - Registration + GMT +11 bug My Account - Can not input more then 25 char for MSN Messenger address Forums - Unable to attache a file to a post Stories Archive - no news in database results in stories archive bug Coppermine - User is redirected to bad url after sending an ecard *Module Issues - Web Links menu does not work *Module Issues - Reviews 'Reviews Page Title' does not display Downloads - Indexing Prob Output Control - Hardcoded words in footer Forums - adding cencering word doesn't work My Account - Hardcoded text My Account - Constant _RESET already defined Blocks - Hard coded text in newsletter.php Downloads - Downlads wrong page!! Forums - Print topic is missing styles *Module Issues - Encyclopedia Admin Problem Blocks - Shoutblock Forums - Attributed Quote Syntax Does Not Work in Message Preview Forums - Forum Username banning not working Topics - Editing topics: layout/linking problem News - Post news text does not display News - Moderating comments "As Is" mods them down. Surveys - Moderating comments "As Is" mod them down. *Module Issues - Web Links: "edit" link for a *specific* link opens general link edit page *Module Issues - A "1" is inserted into a blank e-mail field in Web Links. Forums - Notices when setting the group rights for a forum Forums - Duplicate file attachment names, causes file overwrite Themes - Module's Scrolling on 9.0RC1 Downloads - Download vote display is incorrect Blocks - "Center Down" HTML blocks aren't displayed *Module Issues - Web Links Add Link Error SQL - Unable to accept submitted Web Link changes Forums - Unable to set user/group permissions Forums - Admin links hardcoded in module Output Control - error.php Themes - Lost Password Field is mis-placed in DragonFly only Coppermine - Coppermine Display bug SQL - Install with mysqli broken. Coppermine - register error *Module Issues - Unable to delete Web Links categories Stories Archive - "Topic" field on "Edit Article" page does not retain value News - _CATSAVED language variable not specified Surveys - Surveys Results Blank Page Parse Error - Groups page error Parse Error - XP SP2 Local Server.. News - Editing News Article Strips *HTML Entities Output Control - Messagebox Does Not Parse HTML Output Control - Editing Messagebox Message Strips *HTML Entities Reproducible crash - Multiple include of block Themes - cpgnuke theme problem *Module Issues - No Encyclopedia in the Encyclopedia Module Topics - Topic Module Errors Coppermine - Gallery User Avatar Link SQL - Unknown column *Other Issues - Blogs: submit comment url redirect problem Themes - Announcement Formatting *Module Issues - Web_Links voting doesn't work Blocks - Anonymous name in shoutblock Coppermine - IM/netpbm Path Not Honored Blocks - need space - block-Preview_theme.php *Module Issues - weblinks - Notices - already defined constants- missing constants *Module Issues - Weblinks - report broken link does not work Forums - Forum attachments empty after download Output Control - Block Admin Tooltip Not Consistent with Function Downloads - Download Notices Part II My Account - Arrow Is Inactive News - Sticky articles don't show *Module Issues - WebLinks syntax error Forums - Mixed image paths for poll-bars News - Undefined index's Groups - Cannot Admin Group Perms My Account - User Custom field Definition is not correctly loaded from Language File *Module Issues - Weblinks - SQL error My Account - Number of News stories doesn't change *Module Issues - Weblinks - missing language defines Downloads - Downloads - Missing language defines Coppermine - albmgr not properly showing category when CPG_Stats block is enabled Downloads - Downloads - notices *Module Issues - Reviews - missing language defines. Performance - New search engine robot Downloads - Downloads Module HTML Compliance and Table Bugs *Module Issues - Shoutblock - Already defined constants + 1 notice Forums - Puke 7.4 to Dragonfly Private Messages - SQL error line: 174 missing $html_on var for privmsgs_enable_html insert *Module Issues - Missing Admin Icon - IRCCHAT Statistics - Statistics - Safari not recording hits Output Control - NBBCode deletes selected text in mozilla based browsers Statistics - Firefox on Ubuntu Linux shows up as Netscape *Module Issues - Content Module - notices Coppermine - Coppermine - Select category Coppermine - Coppermine Batch add not working *Module Issues - Blog Error - Blog text was not set *Module Issues - Weblinks - pagination does not work Forums - BBCode page in forums does not exist *Module Issues - Weblinks - can not edit catagory *Module Issues - Weblinks - can not delete catgories Forums - /Forums/search.html - notices Groups - Groups - notices *Module Issues - IRCChat - calls to none existant files/wrong paths Themes - Dragonfly Theme Issues News - Topic-View Parse Error - install error Coppermine - modules/coppermine/config.php - Undefined index Output Control - meta tags are almost the same for all pages SQL - Installation Errors - Upgrade From Puke 7.4 Themes - PH2 - missing right blocks My Account - Avatar Uploads Forums - Horizontal scrollbars My Account - HTML Validation Errors - Your Acccount Module Private Messages - Unable to install PM with Puke data SQL - Renaming error SQL - Update 8.2 to 9.0 ORDER on UPDATE :S SQL - Mysql Parse error on cpg_pictures Forums - Error in forums after upgrading a site without attach mod *Module Issues - Newsletter to group with zero users Themes - CPG-News theme doesnt work correctly News - Comments Notice Error Blocks - Graphical Administration Menu Does Not Display Icons If "Both" Is Not Selected *CPG Core Issues - Installer upgrade error bbattach Themes - Center blocks missing *Other Issues - No output after upgrade from 8.2 Forums - Fatal error: in forums Output Control - Linking to Off-site Avatar Results in Debugging Output Forums - Wrong path for upload icons *General Issues - Incorrect display of 'Online Now' in Main Admin *Module Issues - Content Module Title Edit Error Output Control - Memory Usage Displayed Incorrectly in Footer Search - Duplicated Class Properties "cat" XHTML Compliance Coppermine - XHTML Compliance Issues - Search Function Groups - HTML Compliance Issues - Groups Module Forums - Attachmod Upload Quota in member profile not displaying properly *Module Issues - HTML Compliance Issue Web Links Module *Module Issues - Missing Language Definitions & Files - IRCChat Submit News - HTML Compliance Issue Submit News Forums - No text in Forum Ranks Themes - missing alt tag Parse Error - Parse error on install.php Coppermine - coppermine (rate pictures) Coppermine - album manager not showing catigorized albums Coppermine - Stamp showing as broken image on mailed ecard Coppermine - Batch add pictures not working Blocks - Who where block not displaying properly Topics - Only 1 topic displayed in topics module Parse Error - a few errors in german language *Other Issues - My Headlines doesnt work Cookie / Session - Theme does not change when a user change theme in user profile Members List - deleted user remove error *CPG Core Issues - Upgrade error 8.2b => 9.0 with latest installer Forums - There is not language file for module forums Forums - The CpgNuke theme doesnt show any links for Administrating Forums Private Messages - IE returns a white page, Firefox doesn't Output Control - Czech not UTF8 by default Security - .htaccess file incorrect to hide config.php Blocks - block-Forums_scroll_Last_posts.php does not show the correct time *Module Issues - SHoutblock not converting characters to utf8 compatible Output Control - Another hard link to index.php Cookie / Session - Session only storing 1 guest user My Account - All profile links show my own profile Coppermine - Subcategory Display Configuration Error *Other Issues - CPGMM 'show this to' option not fully working Forums - outbound forum emails from webmaster@mysite.com SQL - CPG-Main Menu SQL Error - unknown table *Module Issues - Downloads & Weblinks don't show up in admin Forums - Default Avatar Mod. Themes - CSS Errors Blocks - CPGMM Not using 'Custom Title' from modules Blocks - Block-Last_Referers not UTF-8 encoding links *Other Issues - Footer CSS Output Control - Reference to PHPBB admin message in Fourm Admin Coppermine - coppermine rating bug Blocks - XHTML error reference to non-existent ID *Module Issues - Shoutblock URL function inoperative Blocks - Migration from PHP-Nuke 7.4 Forums - 'more smilies' popup and Internet Explorer Parse Error - error install postgre7 Parse Error - install in postgre7 error