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Confirmed 9.2.x compatible - many in the sub-cat may also be okay.

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Up to 9.1.x
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NukeLeague Popularity: 3/5: Average
Description: NukeLeagueDF is a Sports/Gaming module for DragonflyCMS. Rating:    Not rated
Author: hybrid Licence: GPL Version 0.11 reviews
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DF Maps Popularity: 1/5: Not popular
Description: Dragonfly Google Maps is a fully configurable module that al... Rating:    Not rated
Author: Ronin Licence: GPL Version reviews
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Clubs Popularity: 3/5: Average
Description: This module allows the creation of clubs on your site using ... Rating:    Not rated
Author: BrokenCrust Licence: GPL Version 1.0 reviews
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Crosswords Popularity: 3/5: Average
Description: Crosswords allows the display of interactive and hard-copy c... Rating:    Not rated
Author: BrokenCrust Licence: GPL Version 0.3 reviews
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Newsletters Popularity: 3/5: Average
Description: Replacement of NewsletterPro without the bugs and with sever... Rating:    Not rated
Author: Phoenix Licence: GPL Version 1.1 reviews
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