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Authored by darkgrue
Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:21 am
Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:01 pm

Roster Master for Dragonfly provides a method to integrate your EverQuest II Guild Roster into your Dragonfly CMS site. It works by "Web-Scraping" Sony's site, parsing the data, and storing it in a local database.

Roster Master for Dragonfly is a port of the Roster Master module originally written by Rex "SaintPeter" Schrader. Significant enhancements and exclusive features have been made for the Dragonfly CMS version, as well as to accomodate changes in Everquest II and the site.

About Roster Master
Roster Master provides a method to integrate the Sony EverQuest II Guild Roster into your Dragonfly CMS site. Fully integrated into the site, you can manage and view your guild's data right from your portal. A block is also provided that displays guild statistical data similiar to that found on the guild summary page on the website.

Roster Master: Guild Roster Manager
* Allow your CMS users to "Claim" his or her characters
* Character "Type" Tracking
- Compliments and expands upon the "Guild Rank" feature
- Users may specify if their character is Primary, Secondary, or Utility
- Option to list Primary characters only
* Guild Roster Single and Double Column Sorting
- Sort by clicking on a column header, or select two columns from a drop-down (i.e. Class, then Level)
- Reversible Sorting for both sort modes
- Optional column sort indicators displayed in table headings

Quest Master: Heritage Quest Tracker (Dragonfly Port Exclusive!)
* Track Heritage Quest progress for your claimed characters
* Features an exclusive scrolling/resizable JavaScript Table
* The table can be resized by dragging the horizontal rule
between the bottom of the table and the table footer up and down

Key Master: Quest Tracker and Query (Dragonfly Port Exclusive!)
* Track Heritage, Access, and Timeline Quest progress for your claimed characters
* Links quests and rewards to online walkthroughs and data
* Query quests to list characters at each quest step
* Features an exclusive scrolling/resizable JavaScript Table
* The table can be resized by dragging the horizontal rule
between the bottom of the table and the table footer up and down

Signature Master: Dynamic Signature Generator (Dragonfly Port Exclusive!)
* Dynamically create graphical signature blocks automatically from information stored in the roster database
* Features a unique caching system to reduce wasted server resources and poor client performance issues

Automatic Instantiation (Dragonfly Port Exclusive!)
* Multiple instances of this module can be created by making a copy of the module directory and adding an underscore followed by an integer to the name of the directory (e.g. "Roster_Master_2"). The module will detect this and automagically configure itself
* Blocks follow the same pattern

Guild Wall of Fame Block (Dragonfly Port Exclusive!)
* Display guild statistics and information in your Dragonfly CMS blocks
* Many display configuration options

Guild Summary Information (Dragonfly Port Exclusive!)
* Guild Level displayed in Roster
* Statistics and other information available in block

SQL Backend Cache
* Fast display since you don't have to hit Sony's site every time
* Configurable cache refresh time

Update Logging
* Have a record of changes in all fields, every user add, and every user deletion
* Log data update failures and retries
* Configurable, log as much or as little as you wish

Error Messages
* Explanatory error messages for common failures
* Clean exits

Fully Documented, Clean Code
* All functions completely commented
* Advanced users have access to more advanced options and configuration within the code source
* Open-source, released under the GNU General Public License

Completely Dragonfly Compliant
* Roster Master has been ported to Dragonfly with an expanded feature set
* Easy to Setup and Install
- FTP, configure, set permissions and go
- No .sql file to import, just run the installer
- Install, backup, uninstall, and upgrade right from the Dragonfly control panel
* CMS Username to Character Name Mapping
* Includes Dragonfly's localization support (English and French language files included)
* Leverages the CMS' features and security
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