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Category Add-Ons
Authored by BrokenCrust
Wed Oct 24, 2007 8:14 pm
Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:44 pm

AD is a content system for bbcode and html articles within a directory structure.

AD offers a directory like categorization of articles (written in html or directly in bbcode), together with a range of administration options for layout and access.

- Choose between 1 and 5 column layout.
- Choose Category image size or have no image.
- Optional category descriptions.
- Highlighting Articles.
- Optional alphabetical access.
- Choose between 2 different blocks - an expanding Java menu or plain html category block.
- Optional latest article section.
- Customisable recommended flag and text.
- Restrict article access to any group or admins or registered users.
- Unlimited sub categories.
- Ability to promote articles within categories, parent categories or on the front page.
- Full search system integrated into DF.
- Print layout for articles.
- Article comments.
- Article rating via a dynamic graphical bar.
- Split long articles into any number of pages.
- Kudos integration to reward rating and comments.
- Random, New, Popular, Top Rated, New Comment lists included.
- Can easily deactivate any category or article.

Written Specifically For Dragonfly
- Fully templated for easy layout changes and page load speed.
- XHTML, php5.2 and MySQL 5.0 (strict mode) compliant.
- Full CSS integration.
- Fully multi-lingual (translations required).

Included Languages
German, translated by Golem. Thank you.

Install the module in the normal way. Choose either the static HTML (AD) or collapsing javascript (ADC) block.
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