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Category Old v9Themes v9Light
Submitted by Jamin
Author's Name Jamin » Phoenix upgrade
Version 9.3.3
Compatibility 9.3.3
License GPL
Published Wed Feb 23, 2005 12:32 pm
Sat Feb 25, 2012 5:08 am

Smooth blue theme, XHTML1.0 valid - more work required for XHTML1.1

Member reviews

Review #46: Very good Excellent, but...
by Tarun on

Great theme, though it really should be stretches all the way to the very edges of the website/browser page horizontally.

Review #18: Very good Awesome
by Stephen on

Very nice theme, keep up the good work. Very Happy

Review #15: Average Nice for the eyes but...
by Angular on

I have major problems with this template, on the latest Dragon Fly...all format errors, where the text is running over the news blocks sides, this is in Firefox, the tables sometimes just not in the body tables but next to is really a nice looking theme, but the workings...I dunno...In IE it is even worse...

Review #11: Very good Beautiful Theme!
by norseman on

Love the effort that have gone into your themes Jamin.
You and Pitcher have been putting out great themes for Dragonfly, keep it up!

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