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Category Blocks
Submitted by Daimos
Author's Name Daimos
Compatibility 9.4.x
License GPL
Published Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:56 pm
Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:59 pm

A highly customisable centre block which shows the latest forums posts. Its preferences can be set up via the administration panel and the the module partly supports language files.

See the details for further information.

Can be seen in action @

+ Supports LEO
+ Supports Languages:
- Block completely
- Admin Panel: English, German, Russian
+ Optional Settings:
- Number of displayed posts,
- Optional post preview in an info box
- Various columns can be activated/ deactivated,
- Display posts from hidden, read/ view only forums,
- Topic icons or alternative icons if there is no topic icon,
- Attachment icons,
- Collapsable Forum Links and Statistics,Top 7 Forum Posters
- Posting Ranks
- Reply button,
- IP button (for admins only),
- Date and time of the latest post,
- Custom icons for the icons and buttons,
- Watch Topic button.

PLEASE: Read INSTALL.TXT before installing the module

PLEASE: Read the information provided nearby the options in the admin section and find out how these work before you post any ratings!

Member reviews

Review #374: Good Easy
by macross33 on

Installed this with minimal issues. Had to point it to the correct images because I use a custom theme, but it works just fine afterwards.

Review #357: Rubbish it doesnt work
by ofigustavo on

This module it doesnt work offtopic:

Review #314: Excellent Very nice!!!!
by Christian111 on

A very useful module / block! And the support is very very good. I had an problem with my new database and the author solved it in one hour!!!! 👏

Review #312: Good Looks nice not secure
by Chief on

I realy like the mod but it is not secure. It displays posts from all forms to users even if they do not have permission to see that forum.

Review #234: Average Isn't completely operational
by Manatsu on

Rank images and the 'no avatar' images don't properly show. The rank images for myself, the admin, shows as a newbie poster for some reason. The 'no avatar' image shows as broken. I just installed it and it looks pretty useful, my users were asking for this feature since my last site version had a similar feature. Thanks for making it, but a bug fix for these would be nice.

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