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Category Blocks
Submitted by Daimos
Author's Name Daimos
Compatibility 9.4.x
License GPL
Published Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:56 pm
Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:59 pm

A highly customisable centre block which shows the latest forums posts. Its preferences can be set up via the administration panel and the the module partly supports language files.

See the details for further information.

Can be seen in action @

+ Supports LEO
+ Supports Languages:
- Block completely
- Admin Panel: English, German, Russian
+ Optional Settings:
- Number of displayed posts,
- Optional post preview in an info box
- Various columns can be activated/ deactivated,
- Display posts from hidden, read/ view only forums,
- Topic icons or alternative icons if there is no topic icon,
- Attachment icons,
- Collapsable Forum Links and Statistics,Top 7 Forum Posters
- Posting Ranks
- Reply button,
- IP button (for admins only),
- Date and time of the latest post,
- Custom icons for the icons and buttons,
- Watch Topic button.

PLEASE: Read INSTALL.TXT before installing the module

PLEASE: Read the information provided nearby the options in the admin section and find out how these work before you post any ratings!

Member reviews

Review #157: Excellent Woo!
by lucid2 on

My users love it and it makes the homepage so much more useful! It is also great to be able to tell quickly which users are posting the most and serves as a great way to quickly check topics when im adding things to the site!
Keep up the good work Daimos!

Review #152: Excellent Daimos rocks!
by alva on

The latest versions are excellent! Not much left to ask for, although you could centainly do so in the forums. It's still getting neater and better for both visitors and admins. Daimos is on the roll!

Review #139: Excellent Nice work, works great :)
by Anthony2oo4 on

I'v used this since the first version was brought out and they have all worked fine. Had a bit of a bumpy ride along the way, but Danilo was always at hand to help me out.

I just again upgraded to the latest version and i must say, the improvements get better and better.

Looking forward to next release Very Happy

Review #119: Excellent Excellent Job
by unigene on

Never had a problem with the installation and our members like it.
Congrats and keep going!

Review #117: Excellent Well done
by radiogetswild on

Great module

Installed first time easily along side wicked admin for the center block ..this comes highly reconmended from me

best wishes Tim Station Founder module installed for all visitors to view

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