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Category BlocksMenu
Submitted by darkgrue
Author's Name darkgrue
Version 9.7.2
Compatibility Dragonfly 9.0, Content 2.x (CVS version) Module
License GPL
Published Sun Mar 13, 2005 7:28 pm
Mon Jan 09, 2006 2:42 pm

Block for the Content Module that lists Content categories in a collapsible JavaScript menu.

New block for the Content Module that lists Content categories with active content, followed by active uncategorized content. With the use a little JavaScript function, the collapsed lists can be folded out, or you can click on the category title to go to that page.

Temporary cookies keep and remember the state of the menu items (open or closed) for each branch as the user browses through the site. The cookies for this block expire upon exiting the browser.

Tested in IE6 and Firefox 1.0, and it should degrade OK in other broswers (the lists default to "display:none"), with the situation getting slightly worse for browsers than don't honor the CSS style attributes on the ul elements (removed the bullets and changed the margins to save space and make it look spiffy).

Requires the Dragonfly Content 2.x (from the CVS) Module installed. The Content (Enahnced) Module includes this block with the module package.

Archive includes block and images for the menu control handles. The archive has relative paths already included. Unzip in the top-level directory of the CMS to place the block in blocks/ and the support GIFs in modules/Content/images/blocks/ and just configure as any other file block.

Member reviews

Review #391: Good What's the chances?
by sn00py on

I thought it was a fabulous feature until I added a block of text to 'Page Text'. When I looked at the page all the text was wrapped up together and the bbcode was displayed rather than translated....

Big grin What's the chances of improving the editor and also the parser functions? Pretty please?


Review #113: Very good Small vs Large
by work4nutz on

this is an excellent 'upgrade' to the content module as long as you have only a few pages in your content module, however does not work so good if you have a large site like mine '' that has almost 1200 content pages. but i did like it alot when i did only have a few pages.

Review #76: Very good I came, I saw, and I worked it out.
by Nuke_Bloodaxe on

The download file itself contains a blocks folder which contains the php script for the block, and an images folder which adds a open and closed gif to the original Content module ( copy them to the relevent locations ).

You must have the Content module already installed to use this.
I switched the content block off, and activated the content menu block. Don't forget to activate the Content module BEFORE doing this.

After that you should be able to add content to the site using the content editor. From that point on, as things progress, the Block menu system will allow you to expand and close the categories. This is much the same as explorer.

Only one thing, I would seriously appreciate the ability to have categories of categories.

Nuke Bloodaxe.

Review #43: Very good Good addition
by bakerjw on

I d/l'd the content add on and it came with both a block and module section as well as a short yet detailed installation text file. Under modules it asked to install? I clicked Yes and it installed nicely.

The block is imho the best part of it. Makes for a nice way of displaying the content.

Review #32: Below average Didn't really seem to work at all
by doc_manga on

First of all this archive only includes one file, the block file itself, second of all when I tried to install it I put the file in the blocks dir and I activated the block from within the administration menu...didn't seem to do anything at all..I look forward to some detailed instructions on how to get this working..

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