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Category BlocksVarious
Submitted by xfsunoles
Author's Name Jonathan Steele
Compatibility 8x and 9x
Published Sun Mar 27, 2005 6:50 pm

Sportsline Sports Score Feed in iframe block

Member reviews

Review #121: Good I agree. Very good but needs the NFL
by macknairb on

Excellend block. I really like it, but it is lacking pro football and basketball. Can these be added? And...for someone from Canada, is it possible to add the CFL?

At the time that I downloaded this, I had to fix up the default sport and the scores displayed as they were not the same. But it was easy to figure out and do.

Well done.

Review #102: Good Satisfies My Need -- But Leaves Me Wanting More!
by tuta on

First, I love this block -- I think most of my visitors find it useful.

Second, I would love to more easily adapt it to suit my visitors as far as which sports to include/omit and set as default. One of my cardinal rules involved in my site, is don't mess too much with something that works!

I love the block, but would like some more instruction as to how to customize it a bit more.


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