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Category Old v9Modules v9
Submitted by admin
Author's Name CPG Dev Team
Version 2.1.1
Compatibility 9.x DragonflyCMS
License GPL
Published Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:35 pm
Tue Oct 02, 2007 6:49 am

Manage links and link requests.

Link in categories and subcategories. Read the install file about the self installer, move the files to the right dir and have fun.

Several bugs removed, code tidied up and mainly compliant - suitable for all 9.x versions of DragonflyCMS.

Numerous configuration options now editable through admin and cached.

Featured site capability activated and added to main page along with most recent/popular x sites.

Member reviews

Review #290: Average Decent module but very unpretty
by zedmaster on

This module does a great job of organizing your various links. Actually as far as organization goes, it's pretty much perfect. On the other hand all the buttons and what not are title "_addlink" "_ratelink" and such. I'm no hacker, but usually I can slog through the php code and change those sorts of things. Maybe I'm just inexperienced, but the code seems very dense with no comments or anything of that kind. If this problem is fixed this module is just perfect for what I know lots of webmasters struggle with.

Review #231: Very good if use mod_rewrite read it
by javafaq on

works well, one small thing:
in the file web_links.php change the line
define('_RATENOTE4','You can view a list of the Top Rated Resources.');

define('_RATENOTE4','You can view a list of the Top Rated Resources.');

"toprated" must be in small letters... It caused me some problem with mod rewrite, since i defined all the links with small letters as it was in the code and in in one place it was "TopRated" that caused wrong rewriting for me...

Probably if you not use Linux and mod_rewrite it will work, but did not for me as decribed above

Review #92: Good Looks Good, but one minor fix
by WebSiteGuru on

Over all the Module is good. I like it every much. But for some reason or another the links that was supposed to translate from "_LINKNAME" to "Linkname" Did not work correctly on most of the links. I don't know if that in the coding or what.

Review #21: Below average Getting there, very slowly...
by KitFox on

Unfortunately, not there yet. Still buggy with simple things like failing to remove backslashes from descriptions. If you don't use any apostrophies, you're fine. But the moment you've got any ''s, you're out of luck for having it look nice.

This is a much-needed module, and I'm hoping to see it come to proper working completion soon.

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