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Category BlocksMenu
Submitted by Pitcher
Author's Name Pitcher
Version 1.5.0
Compatibility 9.0.x
License GPL
Published Sat Jul 16, 2005 11:11 am

This mainmenu is based on phpBB2 mainmenu by
It is heavily modified and all gif icons is replaced with nice png icons.

Version 1.5.0
You may now use the "show in menu" from modules and the block will show / hide the link.
The Home link is moved to title
Home will now display the active home module: eg. Home (Modulename)
Added 2 new icons for admin to show active / inactive modules in Other Services
Added $download_pro, if this is set to value of 1 it will change the links to use with the new Download Pro module. 0 = standard download module.
Added Polish language

Member reviews

Review #135: Average Too static
by Q-tech on

Too static to serve its purpose!!!

It's convinient and good looking block unless you have to rearange it (and don't feel comfortable with constant editing of php files).

Furthermore there's no connection with settings in "CPG Main Menu" admin page... Rolling Eyes

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