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Category Old v9Modules v9Community
Submitted by khenn
Author's Name Kris Henneman » Phoenix updates
Version 2.2.1
Compatibility 9.3
License GPL
Published Thu Jul 21, 2005 1:40 pm
Mon May 07, 2012 11:02 am

CPGNuCalendar is a very powerful yet easy to use calendar system for use within DragonflyCMS. This calendar will display daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendars. Events can be added as one-time events, or as repeating events. RSS feed available.

Repeating events can repeat by date or by date. If you are familiar with adding events to an outlook calendar, this calendar should be very easy for you to use. Below is a list of the main features in version 2.0.
  • Easy installation and ability to upgrade from version 1.09. See the included install.txt located in the zip file for important upgrade information.

  • Complete administration console to configure all calendar settings.

  • Category Manager to manage event categories and set up defaults for events that are added to those categories.

  • Administrative event approval - if configured, a calendar administrator must approve all publicly visible events before they are posted to the website.

  • Users who have the ability to add events can create private events that only they can see.

  • Secured events - The event owner can define which group of users can see the event.

  • Calendar is pre-loaded with 25 US holidays/events. These holidays must be approved by the calendar admin before they will actually be viewable on the calendar.

  • Individual repeating event dates can be cancelled. Example: If you create a weekly repeating event like a meeting, but for some reason one of the future dates needs to be cancelled, you can select just that date and delete it. This action will remove only the event for the specific date from the calendar.

  • Repeating events can have different descriptions for each date. Example: Create a repeating event with a default description. Then for a later date of that event, you can modify the name or description just for that date, but all other properties of the event remain the same.

  • Provision for Group to edit/delete events as well as admin.

  • Server time base is selectable through admin, for PHP5 only.

Editor's Note:
Requires PHP5.

Member reviews

Review #438: Good Good but not what i need
by Wacoede on

while I liked this calender it didn't do what I needed

it has a duration option instead of allowing you to set and end date and time and for what I'm using the calender for I need to be able to set week long events maximum, 3 day events, 1 day long and 3-4 hour recurring events

if it had the option to set the end date and time this would rock

Review #434: Excellent problem on MAINPAGE with NO events upcoming
by deleted_8582 on

so im using the UPCOMING events block on the mainpge ( news ) of my site. However if there are NO events coming up,
and you have COMMING EVENTS block set as CENTER display,
this block will move all RIGHT blocks actually displaying RIGHT NEXT To the header...

not sure i can really explain it but i can see my TOP right block showing directly next to my header.

is this a bug in code.
As far as i know, this happens in fiblack3d

Review #427: Very good Nice Calendar! One Suggestion Though..
by Cadori on

It would be nice, for those who use darker themes, to have the option of a darker color theme.. so the eyes are not straining in order to read it..

Or is there already an option or alternative for this?


Review #392: Good It's good, some changes to make
by AJStevens on

I tweaked the display of the month a little, it's setup for US format date, and since not everyone uses mm/dd/yy I replaced it to dd month yy to be more universal, simply edited the index.php

However, I had noticed a couple of problems I would like to see fixed, or I'll hopefully do myself.

1. Pending Events in admin
After you tick to approve an entry, it remains in the list until the following day. It's just a niggle, but confusing until you realise this.

2. Previous events
It would seem that as soon as an event goes by (was yesterday), it's removed from view, unless it's a re-occuring item. Surely just because an event has been and gone, doesn't mean it should no longer be visible on the calendar in any view?!

3. There is a "Coming soon" block, how about a "recent events" block?

I maybe able to sort these myself, given time though.

Review #344: Very good Good Calendar BUT...
by Disposable on

It really needs an event sign up feature.
I wish either a) EXTcal2 would port to here, or someone would implement the event signup function.

I use my cms for a world of warcraft community for our guild, and could really use this as an integrated event signup thing.

It is great other then that little thing though Wink

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