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Category Old v9Modules v9Informative
Submitted by darkgrue
Author's Name darkgrue
Version 9.7.12
Compatibility Dragonfly or later
License GPL
Published Sun Jul 24, 2005 5:13 pm
Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:14 am

This module allows the display and management of HTML pages. This version of the module is a significantly enhanced version of the Dragonfly 9.x Content module.

This module is for the management and display of HTML content (i.e. not PHP). The module incorporates a number of improvements to the original Dragonfly 9.x module in addition to the Content Module Enhancements made by BrokenCrust, and is intended as a compatible replacement for both.

Also includes a new Content Menu block. This block for the Content Module that lists Content categories in a collapsible JavaScript menu. State is retained between page loads using cookies and state is validated using a hash function.

This module features automatic instantiation.

Multiple instances of this module can be created by making a copy of the module directory and adding an underscore followed by an integer to the name of the directory (e.g. "Content_2"). The module will detect this and automagically configure itself. Blocks can similarly be configured (e.g. "block-Content_Menu_2.php"). (Note that the Module and Block naming functions in the respective Administration sections allow the user to title either to suit.)

Member reviews

Review #411: Excellent to answer "how to upgrade"
by deleted_8582 on

The information is in the download package
Its near the bottom of the INSTALL.TXT file

********************** Upgrading to A New Version **********************
The cpg_inst.php file runs the necessary SQL commands to setup the
tables and make the appropriate changes to the database.

When you upgrade a module, go into "Administration Menu > > Modules
Administration" in the Dragonfly admin panel, scroll down to the name of
the module, select "Edit" and press the "Upgrade to x" link on the
"Version" line. The installer should (ideally) return with success, and
you're good to go on the next version.

NOTE: If you have used a previous version of the Content module, be
sure to remove the [rootdir]/modules/Content/language/lang-english.php
file before installing this module or you will experience missing
language elements when the page is displayed (things like _TRANSCATEGORY
or _MAINPAGE being displayed in place of text).

Review #356: Excellent Great
by SargentJazza on

Very flexible and effective.
Maybe upon editing content you could decode the HTML entities into the normal symbols just for ease of use.
Still, great work 😄

Review #267: Excellent Excellent
by viciouslime on

An excellent module that adds much needed features to dragonfly...however I have had some problems getting WYSIWYG to work properly...for some reason it won't load a document when I want to edit it, but I'm working on that.

Great work, keep it up! 👏 👏 👏

Review #207: Excellent Brill stuff well done
by radiogetswild on

This is going to tidy up my site no end and make life so much better for everyone.

Full marks from me Thankyou for all the work done i will be using this on all 3 of my stations websites.. it was so easy to install

for newbies just remember read the new and upgrade details and you will be having it running in mins

cheers from Tim Very Happy

Review #206: Excellent Excellent stuff!!!
by kevingpo on

Please put details/instructions on how to update/replace the older Content 2.0.1/2.0.2 module.

Will we have to rewrite everything from before? Does this Content (Enhanced) stored separately from the older Content module?

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