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Teamspeakdisplay for Dragonfly

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Category VariousOld ModulesCommunity
Submitted by darkgrue
Author's Name darkgrue
Version 1.0
Compatibility Dragonfly 9.x, Teamspeak 2
License GPL
Published Thu Jul 28, 2005 9:15 am
Mon Dec 12, 2005 11:53 am

Teamspeak server display block and module for Dragonfly. Includes two blocks.

Teamspeakdisplay for Dragonfly is an original Dragonfly module and blocks based on the Teamspeak Display Preview Release 3 TS2 server query classes originally written by Guido van Biemen (

This module includes an original module display, and two original Dragonfly blocks to display TS2 server and channel status.

The first block is static, and loads as a normal block.

The second is more novel, and uses a dynamically resizing iframe so the block can be refreshed without reloading the page. It has been tested to work with IE and Firefox (Opera users see a message and link in the block directing them to the module page. Opera doesn't size the iframe right or do frame tranparency.)

This module features automatic instantiation.

Multiple instances of this module can be created by making a copy of the module directory and adding an underscore followed by an integer to the name of the directory (e.g. "Teamspeak_2"). The module will detect this and automagically configure itself. Blocks can similarly be configured (e.g. "block-Teamspeak_2.php"). (Note that the Module and Block naming functions in the respective Administration sections allow the user to title either to suit.)

Member reviews

Review #230: Very good Thumbs up!
by RayV on

I like this one! Big grin
It looks nicer and more advanced then EvilSpeak that i did use before.

But it would be nice if registered TS users good login at once without having to put in their nicks and password.
And could connect their client by just clicking the module.

Keep on the good work!

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