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Category Dragonfly CMS v10
Submitted by DJ Maze
Author's Name CPG-Nuke Dev Team
Compatibility PHP 5.6+
License GPL
Published Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:25 pm
Mon May 11, 2020 12:27 pm

The new advanced content management system from the CPG-Nuke Dev. Team.
Dragonfly CMS includes a better photo gallery, forums, and a lot more from an easy-to-administer web interface.

The default core contains modules to manage
  • Bulletin Board
  • Members
  • News
  • Photo Gallery
  • Private Messaging
  • Sponsors/Affiliates
  • Groups
It also contains an advanced statistics module that monitors how many visitors you have on a hourly basis and which browser and operating system is used.

Install notes are here

CPG Dragonfly CMS requires MySQL version 4.0.18 or newer and PHP version 5.6 or newer.

Please ask your host to upgrade or think about switching hosts if you would like all the benefits of the new version.

Editor's Note:
DragonflyCMS will not work with CPG-Nuke 8.x modules but you can easily upgrade from 8.2x.

Member reviews

Review #472: Excellent Wow and you guys have always been the best.
by Kid_Creation on

I started with phpnuke and liked all the mods and blocks avail. But I ran an underground site and was getting hacked a lot. So I typed in secure nuke in the search engine and found cpgnuke. Not much mods and blocks but I learned how to convert them. But I didn't get hacked any more. So I switched over all my sites. I have over 50 sites and used cpgnuke on all of them since. I have upgraded most of them but one. Because I used links to the downloads mod from all my other sites to the one. So literally for years I have not upgraded from cpgnuke 8.3 LOL. I tried once but the downloads link page would be a different address or it just wouldn't upgrade the downloads mod. So I finally said to heck with it and upgraded my site to 9.2.1 and noticed the new upgrade and the downloads didn't update and I figured I would have so much work ahead of me so what would be the difference if I upgraded again. So I did and then uploaded the downloads mod from here and over wrote the files and bamm. My downloads are still intact and I don't have to change a thousand links. I am blown away so much that I decided to post up state so. Which is something that I never do. Thanks Dragonfly for being the best.

Review #379: Excellent simple , painless, and minutes down time WOW
by memudd on

what a fanstic update, simple and painless, a few minutes down time installin new version , installed it on 3 web sites , not one glitch

thanks CPG TEAM
ya guys know ya stuff

especially like the new security icon
good bye bots and spiders Floor laughing

Review #310: Excellent THE BEST CMS
by protoplasm on

👏 Recently I examined the pros and cons of all the open source php/mysql based CMS' out there. I need a lot of bells and whistles for my site. I concluded that the three top contenders where Drupal, Joomla, and Dragonfly. After some experimentation with all three, I found that when it comes to SPEED, RELIABILITY, SECURITY, and OPTIONS, Dragonfly is the best--at least in my opinion. Hands down. not worthy

Dragonfly may not be your grandmother's best open source software for ease of use and configuration, but it is getting better with each new upgrade. For someone with just a smattering of php skills, I think Dragonfly is clearly the best CMS and could eventually become the heavy weight champion of the world.

Every open source CMS has its areas where it can improve. Areas that I think need work in Dragonfly:

An integration/bridge to serious commerce software, preferably Zen Cart.

A graphical ability to easily associate different blocks and modules together.

A serious integrated wiki and blog. Currently, Dragonfly has a very usable simple blog.

Better documentation for both users and people who want to create their own bocks, modules, and themes.

More professional looking themes.

More module options that are truly open source.

After two years of using CPG-Nuke, I finally upgraded to Dragonfly with some hesitation and concern about future development of the CMS. While I am VERY HAPPY with the software, I am very concerned about the fact that at least right now, one or more of the prime mover-developers is not able to currently work on upgrading the software.

🙏 I hope that the passion and vision which drives this CMS doesn't evaporate. I am hoping that the structure of the organization is such that it will allow new prime movers, shakers, and developers to emerge and help this CMS continue to stay the best open source CMS.

I recently had a problem with one optional module, getting it fully functional. I contacted the designer of the module who is very busy and he has been very generous, working with me to troubleshoot the module/blocks. A mostly helpful, similar spirit is found in the Dragonfly forums.

Thanks to all the cooks and crew!

Review #176: Excellent Greatest CMS avalable
by jokerd on

I started using CPG in the very late developmens of 8.x and liked it very much, however the problem was that everybody developed modules and blocks for that stupid insercure phpnuke, which simply needed to have somthing like nuke sentinel (resulting in HUGE server loads due to phpnukes wastfullness due to bad coding and all the needed addons).

However now that Dragonfly (9.x) has come along I think popularity has increased. One of the main things I love about dragonfly is the great modules the team has developed, and the seamless admin system. The download pro module (seperate download) was enough to get me switched.

Now my whole gaming site network is powered by dragonfly. The speed of dragonfly is simply amazing, and all my users have commented on the speed.

The new admin system is GREAT and I recommend it to all my friends who are new to the web designing world, as it is so easy for them to use it.

The short URL function is great, and now google has indexed my whole site, compaired to the index onyl when I had phpnuke. With dragonfly I have had no hackers, no data loss or anything like that - its so much more sercurer than phpnuke.

The simplicity of dragonfly is amazing (compairing it to post nuke which I just find confusing) and its simply, without being featureless. It has everything you could want from a CMS and more!!!

More credit to your themeing system too. Now all modules can have themeing support and themeing is SOOO much easier compaired to other CMS.

However there are a few little bugs in some of the actual modules seperate from this package, but thart are most often needed such as content and links. These bugs are not enogu to put me off and are hardly noticable.

Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Review #146: Excellent Powerful but easy
by Andreas on

Easy to install, easy to upgrade, easy to administrate. I should really not have to say anything more but it is also one of the most powerful Content Management Systems out there.

Support on the core is excellent, the community rocks and module/theme support is quickly gaining both momentum and numbers!

So, what are you waiting for? Get DRAGONFLY!

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