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Category Dragonfly CMS v10
Submitted by DJ Maze
Author's Name CPG-Nuke Dev Team
Compatibility PHP 5.6+
License GPL
Published Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:25 pm
Mon May 11, 2020 12:27 pm

The new advanced content management system from the CPG-Nuke Dev. Team.
Dragonfly CMS includes a better photo gallery, forums, and a lot more from an easy-to-administer web interface.

The default core contains modules to manage
  • Bulletin Board
  • Members
  • News
  • Photo Gallery
  • Private Messaging
  • Sponsors/Affiliates
  • Groups
It also contains an advanced statistics module that monitors how many visitors you have on a hourly basis and which browser and operating system is used.

Install notes are here

CPG Dragonfly CMS requires MySQL version 4.0.18 or newer and PHP version 5.6 or newer.

Please ask your host to upgrade or think about switching hosts if you would like all the benefits of the new version.

Editor's Note:
DragonflyCMS will not work with CPG-Nuke 8.x modules but you can easily upgrade from 8.2x.

Member reviews

Review #97: Excellent Excelent
by LoonyLuke on

There is only one word to describe this: Superb!!!

Review #66: Good It's okay but no sure way.
by Basilisk81 on

I tried it and yeah, it wasn't bad but I ended up switching back to the 'orginal' I had used before it. Not to say there was any one flaw that made me because there wasn't. It really is worth it if you're just starting your site.

It did, however, run a tad slower than the CMS I used before and after I tested it though Rolling Eyes but that's not really a big deal.

I do recommend it but I also recommend others as well.

Review #61: Average Loved the others tho this one....
by jkfg_james on

I think CPG is defo the best one out there and i would recomend it to anyone, that said however i was adviced to upgrade to this one asap and have had nothing but problems! Love dragonfly but hate this release as its costing me hours and hours fixing it, hope this problem goes away soon or there is a patch! :S

Review #41: Very good Lacking upgrade instructions and version history
by supernix on


I must say that my experience has been that CPGnuke is great.
But I am using 9.01 and just noticed this newer 9.02 version out. But there are no easily available instructions on upgrading from 9.01 to 9.02. I looked everwhere in the package to no avail.
And I have not seen any feature comparison to let everyone know what is the differences between 9.01 or earlier versions and 9.02

Review #34: Excellent Excellent Introduction to PHP
by macknairb on

I have never worked in php in any form before. I was recommended to try this by a colleague. I must say it is a pleasant surprise. I am spending a lot of time learning to work in the environment but I dont think I will ever be working in just html again.

Big grin Big grin Big grin

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