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Category VariousMods/Hacks
Submitted by robertall
Author's Name Robert Allen
Version 1.2.3
Compatibility 9.x.x.x
License GNU GPL
Published Mon Sep 19, 2005 8:03 pm
Wed Sep 28, 2005 4:35 pm

A mod that means that you will never need to click 'edit' again to edit your post. 1 Click edit. Edit within the post!

A total of 3 files to edit, 1 file to edit in the modules/Forums directry, and 2 in the themes directry.

Note: If you have more than 1 active theme, you will have to edit each theme 1 by 1.

Note:This mod is stable, but report any bugs to angelfire [at]

1.2.2a tested on, latest version does not need testing because i know it will work.

Jeff: That is correct, instead of clicking edit in the top right of the post, you edit your post in the post body.

Member reviews

Review #278: Very good Finally
by MrPotatoes on

this is something that i think CPG was missing. an inline edit mod. it's a great idea and easilly enough implimented.

the way that it works is that when you are in a post and you want to edit your own post then you click 'quick edit'. then it pops up an edit box within the post. no need to even bother going to load a new page.

if you've ever used vBulletin like i have then you'll know about quickedit. backup your files and give it a shot. your users will LOVE IT

Review #171: Average why ?
by jeffk on

dont really understand this mod

so instead of clicking edit top right, i click edit within the post ?

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