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Category VariousOld ModulesCommunity
Submitted by pretzy
Author's Name Stephen2417 and pretzy
Version 1
Compatibility 6.0.*
Published Thu Sep 22, 2005 2:03 pm

Integrates PhpGedView (open source Family Tree software) with your DragonflyCMS site's theme. Can be adapted for other pages and software.

Not a complete port, but a useable work around. Installs PhpGedView as a module and allows user access control through your DragonflyCMS admin menu. This is the module i use on my own genealogy site Pretzy's Place It has been rock solid and has not caused any problems for me, but consider it experimental. No warrantee is expressed or implied.

Member reviews

Review #174: Very good Nice extention
by RECON on

I use it to put my external forum site in the frame! Work great! Seems like can be used as well to put other pages inside dragonfly.

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