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Category VariousOld ModulesInformative
Submitted by Biggles
Author's Name Biggles
Compatibility Dragonfly
License Included as LICENSE.txt
Published Fri Sep 30, 2005 6:18 pm
Tue May 09, 2006 6:25 pm

Create a new main menu based on links that you can organize in any order you want.

This module allows you to create a main menu with links that can be changed, reordered, hidden, etc.

Features include:
Change any link image
Change any link display title
Change display order of any link
Change tree level of any link
Create regular or "getlink" links
Set any link to open in the current window or a new window
Disable individual links
Change viewing permission of any link
Delete any link
Alphabetize links
Create multiple levels of sub-menu's
Easily add module links
Import regular (old) menu links/categories
Tooltips in add link and add module sections
Menu caching
* Admin and block are templated

Don't forget to download the version according to your version of Dragonfly!

Member reviews

Review #423: Very good Very nice!
by LCAngela on

I'm loving this mod so far, but like the commenter before me, I'm not seeing a "Configure" link in the admin section; I'm suspecting it's got something to do with compatibility.

Are there any plans to update this mod to bring it up to speed with the current DF version?

Review #381: Very good Not working right....
by Kieeps on

I'm using this now 'cus its WAY better but... i'm not getting a "Configure" tab and i cannot make it vidible to Groups just the regular "groups" such as "Registerd users only" and "administrators only" etc etc. any ideas whats wrong? i'm using the 9.1* version

Review #354: Very good Very good
by mornaistar on

all is working very nice except the error i get in the bottom of the page:


* CMS Warning line 169: block-DF_Main_Menu.php
This block does not have any content

Review #352: Rubbish 3 Emphatic Thumbs Down.
by coes66 on

Umm, why didn't you simply fix the files instead of wasting 20 minutes writing new install notes?

Review #195: Excellent to mobileguy
by run0 on

auto added .html is the getlink feature (LEO). youre not setting it up with the right link type if you dont want that

you add it to the theme folder for templating and more customization. biggles did it to dragonfly standards which is awesome. if you dont like that now just wait till all modules are templated Rolling Eyes

nice work biggles!

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