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Category Old v9Modules v9Management
Submitted by BrokenCrust
Author's Name BrokenCrust
Version 1.5
Compatibility 9.2.x
License GPL
Published Fri Jan 27, 2006 1:35 am
Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:28 am

This small admin module adds the ability to delete a user’s personal information and mark them as deleted but without losing any of their content. Complies with EU directive 95/46/CE.

The Members Delete module does the following:-

- It Deletes all personal member details.
- It Deletes the member signature.
- It renames the user account to 'Deleted_User_' plus the user ID (e.g. Deleted_User_342)
- It deletes all PM's to and from this member.
- It deletes the members uploaded avatar if it exists.
- Deleted members do not count towards the user totals.
- Lists active / inactive / suspended / deleted members
- Lists inactive members for five (5) different periods.
- Short-cut functions for email and profile on the inactive list.
- Dashboard showing charts for membership fade / status / growth as well as quick links for new members
- file to support local site member delete steps without code hacking.
- Option to allow members to delete themselves.

- Only suspended users can be deleted.
- Administrators can not use the self deletion process.
- NO PUBLIC CONTENT IS DELETED (news, postings, albums etc). Since all this is in the public domain, anything that the user posted here is not private and therefore not covered by the directive. Those of you not lucky enough to be living in our glorious Union, might need to do more (or less) than this to comply with your local laws.

Included Languages
German translated by club-house, thank you.

Technical Information
- Fully templated for easy layout changes and page load speed.
- XHTML, MySQL 5.0 (strict mode) and php5.2 compliant.
- Full CSS integration.
- Fully multi-lingual (translations required).
- Charts created with Open Flash Chart 2 and work with most browsers.

You install this module in the normal way. (Copy Files then go to admin -> modules and click on Install). After this, if you want to offer the self deletion process you should edit the module and set it to Registered Users and add it to the menu as "Delete My Account" or something similar. If you do not want members to be able to delete themselves then set it to Admin Only and Not Shown.

Member reviews

Review #432: Very good Excellent add-on
by Bush on

Thank you for this excellent add-on. I really like the 'last log in' information for users and the only thing I can suggest is to rename the "YOUR_THEME" folder to "default".

Radio, that would also be a great feature... 😉 Big grin

Review #431: Excellent Full marks from me
by radiogetswild on

Hi there great upgrade love the new features

Can i make a sugestion please how about a standard email sent out with the users name and password with link to site if they have not logged in in x amount of time...

this being possible sent to or not to send out auto as a gental reminder saying hey we are here check out our updated website...

cheers Tim

ps keep up the great work Wonderfull

Review #426: Excellent Good Module
by heliown on

This is great module. Thanks for writing and sharing. Please add them in the core.

Review #380: Excellent Perfect
by Eestlane on

It should indeed be in core.

Review #350: Excellent A must have
by TukTuk on

This is a needed module, and I agree that it should be thought about adding to the full version of the core. Keep up the good work

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