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Russian filenames transliteration MOD for Coppermine Module

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Category VariousMods/Hacks
Submitted by Mechanoid
Author's Name Oleg Cheremisin
Version 0.9.1
Compatibility DragonflyCMS
License GPL
Published Sat Feb 04, 2006 12:01 am

Transforms Cyrillic chars in russian filenames in conformable latin chars using transliteration table like GOST-16876-71.
File to edit: /modules/Coppermine/db_input.php
Instalation Level: Very Easy

When users of my site uploaded photos with Cyrillic chars in filenames, Cyrillic chars were transformed in "_" and filenames looked as "_______________.jpg" for original name "моя фотография.jpg".
My mod allows to transform Cyrillic chars in conformable latin chars and filename look as "moya_fotografija.jpg".
It looks better and does not cause problems of compatibility.
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