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Category Old v9Modules v9Informative
Submitted by Ronin
Author's Name Ronin
Compatibility 9.1+
License GPL
Published Mon Feb 13, 2006 8:02 pm
Wed Jan 27, 2010 5:39 am

Dragonfly Google Maps is a fully configurable module that allows admins to create/configure maps and your members to place locations on them. All driven by Google's mapping engine.

Here's a list of the feature set for DF Maps:

Member Features

- Map can be navigated via mouse (dragging/clicking/mouse wheel zooming) or keyboard (arrow keys to move and +/- keys to zoom).
- Entering your location is as easy as clicking on the map and hitting "OK" if you want to use it as your location.
- Location updates are accomplished in the same manner as entering your initial location.
- Instant zoom to your location.
- Manual entry of member's location in various combinations of degrees, minutes and seconds or via street address.
- You can enter in a location string that will link to your location in Google maps. This can be used to do directions to and/or from your location. This link will also be seen in all of your forum posts as it is entered into your profile's location field.
- Provides error notifications if browser is unsupported by Google Maps or javascript is disabled.
- Allows download of Google Earth KML files to show a members information in Google Earth.
- Get directions to or from a location via a location marker's directions tab.
- See the real time Lat/Lon of the cursor location on the map.
- Display marker's Lat/Lon on the directions tab.
- Display location submitter with profile link on the directions tab.
- Location list pages can be sorted.
- Browser title bar shows map name.
- Help page accessible from all pages.
- Markers can be filtered on a map to show only one type or all.
- Maps can be searched from map page or built in dragonfly search page.

Admin Features

- Uses the standard Dragonfly Install/Update/Uninstall mechanisms via the module admin page.
- Provides mechanism to enter the Google Maps API key for your sites domain.
- Enable disable all of the fields shown in a member's marker infowindow including: Joined, Rank, Location, Website, Interests, Occupation and Posts.
- Enable/Disable the mouseover feature to show member names.
- Set the default map size.
- Set the default map center coordinates and zoom level.
- Assign custom markers for the various member types.
- Enable/Disable the legend and map type selections.
- Switch between large and small zoom controls.
- Enable/Disable profile location updates.
- Delete a members marker by entering their username.
- Configure the default map type: map, satellite, hybrid.
- Enable/Disable Google Earth Functionality.
- Download a complete listing of the members locations in KML format for viewing in Google Earth. This file could then be added to a sites download section.
- Delete/Edit a marker via the edit/delete buttons.
- Create/Edit/Delete multiple maps.
- Assign a description to the maps title via the admin page.
- Create/Edit/Delete multiple markers per map.
- Assign group privileges to a map so only certain groups can view it.
- Infowindow background and foreground colors can be modified via global admin options page (helps fix broken themes).
- Admin can toggle the ability for a non-admin to download a map's KML file.

Please use this thread for discussion of this module.

Member reviews

Review #440: Very good Nice Module
by Aforo on

I have installed this module without problems in 20 minutes.

At fists was a bir hard... but when you undestand it is very nice...

Review #324: Very good Need extra location pins
by AzBaja on

I love this map. Makes a great add on to our board. 2 things we would like to see are some extra location pins for events, Trails, Stores etc. Make it so an admin or a moderator can add them, this would be real nice.

Review #283: Excellent Awesome implementation of a needed module!
by Rayvenhaus on

This is one of the best little modules that I've seen in a long time. It is well written, well executed and the author is motivated and responsive to customer requests.

It is easy to setup and maintain as well. It well deserves the 5 stars that I gave to it.

Review #276: Very good Very interesting module ...
by Gallowglas on

unfortunately not very useful for sites outside the USA,
because Google often lacks maps and images (especially europe Neutral )

Review #275: Excellent Thanks for this!
by Daimos on

Thanks alot! Nice addition to a community site! Smile

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