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Category VariousOld ModulesCommunity
Submitted by PeLLaRaS
Author's Name PeLLaRaS
Version 1.0.1
Compatibility CPG-CMS Dragonfly 9.0+
Published Mon Mar 27, 2006 9:47 pm

A module which allows register users to select what module should be set for there Home Page. Administrator can also choose the modules that will be available for the user.

Member reviews

Review #448: Very good Rather good idea
by designSumpf on

I like this module. No trouble, simple installation, works fine!
Good job!

Review #304: Below average Great Idea!
by Sritsod on

It's a really cool idea. I have users who would take advantage of this module. I installed and configured but can't seem to find where to select your home page under my account. If you can make it work let me know. I'll be checking back from time to time to see if there have been changes made.


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