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Daily Stare

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Category VariousOld ModulesOther
Submitted by MikieMouse
Author's Name MikieMouse
Version 1.1
Compatibility 9.x
License GPL
Published Wed May 24, 2006 6:15 pm

Daily Stare image that simply displays a different picture each day.

This script comes with a module/block and pulls the images from a 3rd Party website.

It makes a great "Daily Babe" module if you don't have the bandwidth to host your own images. All the images come from and are of exceptional quality.

Member reviews

Review #393: Very good Nicely done!
by sn00py on

Very neat side and main block to feed daily updated content from Stare Magazine.

I created a clone of this to take a feed from Hunk du Jour so I could offer the ladies a comparable on my site.

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