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MemGooMap german language file

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Category CoreLanguages
Submitted by
Author's Name DJ SpAcE DeViL
Version Re V.1.5
Compatibility MemGooMap
License Free (GNU)
Published Fri Jun 30, 2006 3:07 am

German language file for the MemGooMap

German language file for the MemGooMap

translated by DJ SpAcE DeViL from

updated from unigene

Member reviews

Review #338: Rubbish Bad translation
by unigene on

Thanks for the file but the translation still needs a lot of work. Rolling Eyes Unfortunately not all the words/sentences are translated. The translation is just horrible and on some parts it's more confusing than the original english text.

'_MANUAL_ENTRY_PAGE','Manuelle Standort eintrage Seite' instead of 'Manuelle Standort Eingabe'
_YOUR_LOC','Deine Standort' instead of 'Dein Standort'
'_GE_DESCRIPTION','Sehe wo die Member von Emsland-Party herkommen, wer könnte dein Nachbar sein.' hardcoding of Emsland. Member = Mitglied.

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