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Category VariousRSS Feeds
Submitted by Jordo
Author's Name Jordo
Version 0.9
Published Wed Sep 13, 2006 11:43 am

This is the forums.php rss feed but modified to incorporate the if-modified-since. The if-modified-since is used in conjunction with caches and saves server resources.

When an RSS feed reader, google bot, browser, etc. retrieve a page, they store the last-modified date. The next time they retrieve the page, they first send an if-modified-since request that included the date they captured the last time they retrieved the page. If the server returns a 304, it means the page has not been updated since that date and the entity requesting the page uses it's cache. This saves you resources such as bandwidth and cpu. If the page has been updated, then the entire page is returned and that date/time is captured and the page cached. This forums rss feed is the CPGNuke forums feed with the if-modified-since incorporated.
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