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Category VariousOld Modules
Submitted by admin
Author's Name Trevor and the CPG Dev Team
Version 2.0.2
Compatibility 9.0 Dragonfly
Published Mon Jan 10, 2005 12:23 pm
Mon Jul 04, 2005 7:27 pm

Blogs (Web Logs) for members and admin.

The latest web fashion, the blog. Last 10 entries displayed by default, users last 7, search function, Inline admin. Read the install file about the self installer, move the files to the right dir and have fun blogging!

Member reviews

Review #353: Very good works really nice... no problem
by alejgonz on

the only thing is that I need some more control on who has access to it, i.e. admin module to allow "group users" and possible which places it appears i.e. homepage or not.

Still on top of my need, thanks for the great job guys!! not worthy

Review #69: Excellent Everything you need that I can think of...
by Kiblet on

I just tried this out - it was very simple to install. Each user can maintain his or her own blog. Each entry has the option of being visible to the public or invisible to the public (private). "My Blog" shows up as a link in a user's member profile if they have a blog. The ability to add pictures and use other formatting are things the previous Journal module was missing. You can add comments to blog posts as well. As far as I can see, there aren't any apparent bugs in this module. I'm glad I took a look at it and tried it out! Very Happy

Review #1: Very good Great work Trevor!
by Head-e on


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