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Category BlocksGamers
Submitted by Geigerslave
Author's Name Geigerslave
Version 1.0
Compatibility 9.0.x
License GPL
Published Thu Nov 09, 2006 1:45 pm

Lists users and which channel they are in on a Ventrilo voice-communication server.

A simple block for Dragonfly CMS that reads the output from the CGI script available at

You MUST install the CGI script properly before this block can function and it is not provided in this archive.

Installation is intermediate skill level at best, two files must be edited and the aforementioned CGI in place. It does not use themes, the colors are part of the necessary modifications. Both files are fully commented. Read installation.txt in the archive for full instructions.

Your Ventrilo Host can provide you with access to this CGI if it is available. This block assumes it is configured and available already!

Server connection information (including password if applicable) is hidden from unregistered users including in the page source.

Member reviews

Review #367: Average Seems it does not work with paid ventrilo servers
by johnnydement on

As far as I know it does not work if you're not the ventrilo server, as you need the CGI script to be in server machine and supply some details they are not willing too...

If I'm wrong, please contact me, I will e more than happy to be able to use this beauty Smile

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