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Category Old v9Modules v9Management
Submitted by Phoenix
Author's Name Phoenix (port)
Version 9.3.6
Compatibility 9.3.3
License GPL
Published Wed Mar 28, 2007 10:41 am
Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:11 am

Track your visitor's IP, module access and referer - handy for site management, elimination of malicious visitors and monitoring search engine activity.

  • Supports server time offset and uses unix time.
  • Ability to exclude individual IPs and hosts as well as all bots.
  • Monitors referers and has despamming capability.
  • Exclusions are now stored in a database table and accessed via cache.
  • Search capability for Username, IP address and Hostname.
  • Manual pruning via a set number of records, username or IP address.
  • Main display queries optimized, 95% reduction in query time.
  • Paging improved for viewing pages accessed by an IP.
  • Paging improved for main page
  • Database queries, query and page generation times collected and graphically displayed
  • Search ability for selectable time period and minimum queries, query and page generation times.
  • Clicking the sinbin icon provides 3 different spam assessments plus relevant action options for visitors/users/search engines.
For Project Honeypot data you do need to sign-up and request a key

Whilst it has user view capability, it is still highly recommended that you restrict viewing to admin, or a limited group of moderators - certainly not all visitors.

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Editor's Note:
v9.2.0 - if the graph doesn't display, your server may require you to CHMOD 0666 or 077 for the image modules/IP_Tracker/IP_Tracker.gif
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