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BBCode : image with caption

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Category VariousMods/Hacks
Submitted by designSumpf
Author's Name designsumpf
Version 0.2.0
License free
Published Mon Nov 12, 2007 11:13 am

This mod will show (thumb-)images with caption and floating surround-text. The image and the caption together are links to the fillsize-image.


This is a mod with fixed thumb-witdth, which is OK for me! If You have different needs, maybe you have to do additional mods in your style.css. Please read the css-modification, there are some hints.
Credits for the regex : DJ Maze

Member reviews

Review #422: Rubbish Definately not working
by GreatSageCorban on

Poorly explained, examples are in another language. Lack of actual BBCode. Breaks img button. Should be removed from downloads.

Review #412: Good Not working?
by Golem on

I am not exactly sure how this is supposed to look like after the file changes. But I have stuck to the manual and the only result I have got so far is that the image button on the edit screen is not working anymore. Not sure what exactly I am doing wrong. Maybe a few more details could help though Smile

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