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Category VariousOld ModulesCommunity
Submitted by Phoenix
Author's Name Steven Sheeley
Compatibility 9.1.2.x
License GPL
Published Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:45 pm

Topsites are sites with a ranked listing of different websites, generally related by an overall subject. In many cases a topsite is a directory of related web sites which ranks the listed sites by popularity.

Topsite rankings are user generated, usually through voting by visitors (clicks in to the topsite) from member sites or by counting pageviews. Most topsites have an anti-cheat protection system and some display traffic statistics, user ratings, and reviews.

Topsites often list a top 50 or top 100 most popular sites with a similar topic. They can be a significant source of free targeted traffic for member sites if that topsite becomes popular. After several early search engines failed, some people thought topsites might replace them.

Site ranking method is decided by the topsite owner, with votes compiled in a variety of ways. Many topsites have a limit of 1 vote per person within 24 hours. A vote is usually cast by a click of a button graphic or logo. Rankings can be determined by several methods, including:

1. Unique incoming votes from users on participating member sites, to the topsite itself.
2. Outgoing votes from a topsite's visitors, to websites who are participating as a member.
3. The number of times a logo, button or banner gets downloaded from the topsite web server.
4. A combination of above statistics. Votes are often reset to zero each day, week or month.

Besides free incoming traffic, approved members of a topsite can usually display a web banner ad and site description. Many topsites allow a random choice of participating sites to be featured at the top of each page with a description and banner ad. The 88x31 buttons have become the standard vote button size in topsite culture. The advantage here is the topsite will show the members larger banner (468x60 for example) in return for the member displaying their smaller vote button.

Note: the "cvs" version is untested and is compiled from the MwA svn repository.

Editor's Note:
Abandoned by Myndworx.
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