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Category Old v9Modules v9Community
Submitted by Phoenix
Author's Name Myndworx Development Team
Version 1.1.5
Compatibility 9.1.x
License GPL
Published Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:11 am
Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:34 am

Enhanced Weblinks module for DragonflyCMS.

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Editor's Note:
Updates by Phoenix
(no longer developed or supported by Myndworx)

Would be useful if people posted bugs in the DF forums instead of pointlessly complaining in a review without having done that - Myndworx may have abandoned the module, but DragonflyCMS has committed to support!!!

Member reviews

Review #441: Below average WeblinksPro - Fail!
by PapaDoc on

WeblinksPro is fine and dandy, in theory. It worked well on installation, but cracks soon began to appear (with no support being offered).

Validation refuses to accept URLs that ARE valid, then link submissions were refused due to 'invalid links' (again they were perfectly valid). 'Editors Reviews' are bounced, and don't save or show.

There are other issues, read about on the DF forums and elsewhere, but without support it was soon removed from my site.

Very poor after service and 'customer' care. Confused

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