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Category Old v9Modules v9Community
Submitted by Phoenix
Author's Name Phoenix
Version 1.1
Compatibility 9.2.x
License GPL
Published Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:18 am

The old NewsletterPro, resurrected - not an upgrade of NP and not an offer to support NP.

  • removal of bugs
  • option to use Web Links or WeblinksPro
  • option to use Forums or ForumsPro
  • option to use News or Pro News
  • provision for Blogs module
  • allow better layout by using WYSIWYG instead of bbcode
    (no longer restricted to TinyMCE)
  • selectable email rate per hour
  • removed member block - replaced by side block.
  • optimize code - removed triplication of code
  • allow admin to delete newsletters
  • allow save/restore/edit/delete of draft Newsletters
  • admin can select an Editors group
    (ability to save, restore, edit, delete draft Newsletters)
  • added a ReadMe section to admin

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Member reviews

Review #465: Excellent Newsletters New 1. and 1.1
by radiogetswild on

Absolutely brilliant with loads of much needed features many thanks for a great module Phoenix..

I have Installed and copied over newsletter archives quick and easy... a must for adding to any Dragonfly CMS..

The newsletter history template is great with being able to change colors via the theme style sheet and the mouse over colors, also the editors to help make more professional looking newsletters..

extra added bones is automated newsletters of website information from latest Downloads to the new blogs

have a great 2010


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