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Submitted by radiogetswild
Author's Name Scetter (structure) RickC (Bugfixs) Tim R.G.W. (Graphics)
Version 1.0
Published Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:11 am

Hi Folks

Games Arcade Pro with Integrated chat and light-box pop up games.... There is full Instructions within the zip file please follow them carefully....

Extra Games:

I have 75 games packages I have collected that each have 5 -10 games in plus 10 large games packages that all have the install files and are 80 megs plus each, of games...

Cutting Out any doubles and such you should be getting close to 1,500 - 2,000 games in total.

I will try and get these zipped games linked into a new forum topic or have them placed on the DF radio toolbar for downloading as soon as possible...If there are any DF Admin who have games they would like to have added to the packs please email me links to download.

I am not the main developer and therefore cant not give support for this Module.

This module as you can see by screen-shots is admin customizable as far as themeing goes.

Kindest regards to one and all and many thanks to RickC for helping with bug fixes Graphics are from me.....

All current installed games are 50 x 50 pixels gif graphics but have have already started updated thumbnails to 125 x 125 and will supply a zip of them... all thumbnails for them are names the same but are in png format....
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