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Category Old v9WYSIWYG
Submitted by DJ Maze
Author's Name Frederico Caldeira Knabben
Version 2.0rc2
License GPL
Published Wed Feb 16, 2005 9:03 pm

Advanced WYSIWYG editor to hook into the Dragonfly wysiwyg system

To use this WYSIWYG you need to upload the FOLDER
to the following directory inside the Dragonfly root:


So you get:


Full instructions are in this README

Member reviews

Review #355: Average Good, but doesn't load EXISTING content
by Hogne on

It's quite good, but it won't load my existing content. Say if I want to edit a Content Page. Then the editor will only show an empty page, so I have to start over again...

Review #14: Very good Does what it says on the tin!
by Taffman on

Excellent WYSIWYG editor, dows eactly what it says on the tin.
If I could install it, then it must be easy.

Could have done with some install instruction win the zip file maybe an preconfigured file to make it idiot proof.

Thanks to all involved for the instal instructions on this site.

Review #10: Very good Install Helps
by pirica on

Maybe a full help how to install a connector will be a good idea...


Review #6: Excellent Simple, and it works!
by Nuance on

I haven't tried the other editors available in the Downloads section, but was really impressed with this one.

All I needed to do was upload the directory and it magically began working. Best of all-- it works with Firefox and other gecko-based browsers.

Also-- I'm using Pitcher's PH2 theme (thanks Pitcher!), which has customized WYWIWYG buttons to match the theme. After uploading FCKEditor, the editor retained the theme's cutomized buttons.

I'm as happy as I could possibly be with this one.

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